It is tuesday

pulling the 6.30 - 2.30 this week. hanging on for dear life until friday, then i break up for 7 days. i am in no mood for work tbh but it’s super busy. making a nice veg stir fry when i get home.

tuesday, let’s do it.

I’ve been up since before five because The Child isn’t well. I also spent most of my nearly-five hours of sleep on the floor so The Ill child could steal my space in bed.

I’m already running on autopilot.

I was going to say “I’m tired”, but fair enough, you two win.

Nothing to report.


I woke up thinking it was Wednesday for all of two minutes glorious minutes. This does not bode well for today, this week or my sanity.

Hotel breakfast. Got the scratchy throat signalling the start of a cold :frowning:

Hoping my meeting finishes before 1 so I can drive home in the normal 4 hours and I don’t get stuck in snow/traffic :expressionless:

Urgh. V woke at 5 with a bad dream, into our bed, just got back to sleep then phone started beeping as it was running out of battery.

All too tired today, still got cough/cold as well which doesn’t help.

Where’s our snow day???

yeah what gives where is my snow at. it’s just cold and windy round my way.

No snow here.

I’m hoping it arrives tomorrow.

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I’ve now had a bonus breakfast muffin and poured some drain cleaner down the kitchen sink.

My Tuesday is really starting to kick off.

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Awake far earlier than I’d like to be.

Got a light fitting to put up on the landing this morning. Bit of tidying to do and that’s about it.

Then battling through the snow and freezing temperatures to the football this evening (and walking from Wolverhampton back to my mom and dad’s house when the trains shit themselves due to snow).

Has it snowed enough for me not to go in to work? Has it fuck

Is it snowing now/enough to make my journey to work miserable? Of course.


i really love it when a stain on a work surface is mugging me off and then i hit that fucker with a cup of bleach. “and what, punk?” i say to the stain. “and what? thought not.”


PSA: Rachel’s Greek-style set yogurt is really fucking good. Normally turn my nose up at Greek “style” shit but this is great.

It’s cold isn’t it. Gonna ride to work as fast as possible to warm up.

Heatwave here. Is it actually sunny? No. It’s cloudy and humid as fuck.

Hotter inside than out. I’ve been sat up the back playing Mountain Goats songs badly on my guitar and singing along (singing is also bad).

Ah, I can see some snow now.

checks watch

Youngest child was resisting sleep until gone 12:30am, as has become the norm over the last month or so. Very, very tired.

Also, my eczema has kicked in and the skin on my hands is cracked and sore.

In short, fuck Tuesday.

Hope that everyone else has a lovely day though, obviously.

Yeah, this. Moisturising my hands twice a day, took a bath with the emollient stuff last night, and paraffined them overnight. Still dry. Wtf. It’s never normally anywhere near this bad.

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Autism assessment day. Quite anxious, to be TBH


What happened to your revolutionary life hack of going to bed earlier?