It is Tuesday.

Alright? Got loads of work to do this morning so I’m really putting off getting out of bed. Probably do some more packing after work. I fucking hate Tuesdays. What’s on?

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Alright. Caravan full of excitement here today. Looks like a trip to clovelly is on the cards. Might try and wrangle a trip to Bude in as well.

Have a sniffy nose and a cold, so that’s nice.


Both excellent places. Have a lovely time

Morning. Got a day of traipsing round Newcastle under Lyme in the drizzle, and then a four hour train journey home. On the plus side, am enjoying a 10/10 hotel breakfast

(Polite reminder that different people like different things on their breakfast and that’s okay :blush: )


I have fond memories of the tidal swimming pool at Bude! I presume it’s still there?

Hello hello

No plans today beyond watching Magic Mike

Hot dogs for tea I reckon…:star_struck:


Oh ffs, I forgot my swimmers again :upside_down_face:


Morning all!

I’m taking The Child out to get some uniform items this morning and then the library this afternoon.

I am Fun Dad.

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Oooh, is it new school shoe time yet??

Last day of term. Day is until 1pm :upside_down_face: Then I’ve got a few kids here until 7 - end of year party at scout’s, gonna be off the chain. Better go buy some beige food.

Somehow am working all day though :thinking:


Going to order some flooring for the kitchen shortly and that’s about as exciting as my day gets.

Lawn needs mowing if it stays dry.

Going out for dinner tonight cos no kitchen.

Got a speed awareness course today havent i, for going 59 in a 50. :see_no_evil: Not my finest moment.

Its an online one, so im driving to my inlaws and theyre going to watch baby while i do the course.

Oh aye :grinning:



The bloody neighbours woke me up again, as they have every day for at least the last week. I hate them so much.

I’m off work but need to clean the flat. Going to make some coffee and breakfast.

She’s already got shoes that’ll see her until October (probably) but she needs skirts and polo shirts and things. I also need some work items.

Got a coat on today.

  • It’s coat weather. :coat:
  • No way, pal. :no_entry_sign:

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Hello hellllloo

Starting on night shifts tonight. Fun!
Going to go for a walk and go somewhere for a big lunch and also watch a film or two.

Can’t wait for breakfast


Morning :sunny: I’ve reached the point of waiting for baby to arrive where I’m basically a giant slug so I think I’m going to spend today lounging in bed reading magazines and watching Sex and the City :snail: :sleeping_bed:


My girlfriend is also at this point now. Mostly sofa and naps at this stage. Hope it’s all going well for you :slight_smile:

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Ah yeah it’s exhausting but nice really, and I’m trying to make the most of it while we can! Glad to hear your gf is doing the same. Hope you both get a good load of chilling in before it all kicks off :blush:

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