It is Wednesday My D O D E S

I’m starting the daily thread! What’s that about hey? Ha ha ha, it’s alright, it’s alright.

Well if I’m moving back to the DiS timezone in a month, then I’d better put some effort in to boost my DiS stock price.

There was a photographer doing free corporate headshots in the office today to boost his corporate photography portfolio. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

I will be doing some improv later (ha ha, it’s no fun to watch but fun to do hey lads amirtite?) and I am doing a paid corporate video shoot tomorrow morning for a vasectomy clinic. It’s only an online video, I have ensured that I won’t be the face of impotence.

I also have had my first three responses to jobs in the Netherlands that didn’t say “You don’t speak Dutch? GIT FAARKED MOITE!”, so am feeling a little more positive about the lands of Neder.


I’m really tired but I’ve been awake since 4.55.

I might make a pot of coffee and eat some toast.

Also: Your Dutch accent reads a bit more like Afrikaans. Those Nederlanders are pretty easy to offend, so be careful not to conflate the two.

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Off to Bicester

To be honest, the Dutch accent was my Aussie accent, which is my go-to for any written down shouting regardless of context.

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Three syllables of joy

Seriously CBA after yesterday’s shit. Oh well. Finish at 4. Every cloud and all that.

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Better get up I guess

Loaded up on pills, foot was hellishly sore this morning. Just made the train.

Little to report aside from a 2pm finish.

Watched the entire first series of Detectorists last night, enjoyed it very much.

Hope it goes alright for you and there’s no residual shitiness from the ones you had to tell off.

Nah, sack today off

pretty mild today. put the heating on, then turned it back off again 10 minutes later.

might get some washing on the line.

playing tennis later.

that’s all I have

There will be but that’s fine.

2pm finish!


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It’s an unseasonably cold spring here. Barely reaches the high twenties in the day time. Global warming for ya.

You’re in the right though, so keep your head held high and strut around with maximum sass.

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Early version of Underworld’s 2017 update of Born Slippy.


Hi @ma0sm @keith @bird @he_2 @rich-t @plasticniki @jordan_229 and anyone who might be typing right now.

We’ve managed to get our house back in some semblance of order so we’re all feeling a bit calmer this morning. Got a 10-6 day at work today and the school run first. Kettle is on.


Also I’m enjoying the photo in the OP. Misread Profoto as Profonto :slight_smile:

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I’m really tired but have been awake since 5. Today is my 9am to 8:30pm day. Today it’s going to be a struggle. I’ll pick up fish and chips on the way home, due to not having a kitchen.