It is Wednesday today

Here is a thread.

Got R going off to see his grandpa for the first time since lockdown, hopefully that lasts the whole day. Have to do so much tidying and I really don’t want to but I know it will feel better with it done. Not the most exciting day.

How about you?

Morning FL, morning all. Cleaning isn’t exciting but the satisfaction when it’s done is off the charts, imo. This is my Monday, so back to the office/back bedroom/laundry room in a bit. Might pop out for a walk first; it’s still cooler now than it will be tonight after (:crossed_fingers:) this afternoon’s storms.

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Morning FL, Gareth, gang

Hope R enjoys his day with grandpa! :heart: And I hope you get all your cleaning done and can treat yourself and feel amazing afterwards.

Have to deal with some of the uncomfortable shit here at Horse Farm Ltd today, ugh. On the bright side I have two other Horse Farm Ltds showing an interest in taking me on long-term!

Atm I’m also just really looking forward to getting home to my own bed. The one I have here is too soft and my back does not like it.


Eventually managed to get a few hours sleep from half 5 thanks to the combo of: fan (despite my dad’s dire warning that it gets stuck sometimes and I would die if I left it on all night… but it was taking that risk for a few hours Vs getting no sleep at all) + 3 hours of rain sounds on YouTube + sleeping topless

First day of 3 days of annual leave today, but for moving house rather than doing anything fun. Need to be packing stuff up in this goddamn heat and the Met Office keeps pushing the projected storm back…


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Is your dad Korean


Morning folks

Two things of note today - my waterproof camera comes back from the menders, and hopefully I get to go for a sea swim before the thunder arrives. The big question is will a) be before b)

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Slept fine.

Got a day of nothing planned but looking around could really do with cleaning and tidying but it is a bit hot for that nonsense.

Also had the first of the terrible ‘back to school and everything is awful/a mess/I don’t know what to do dreams’ last night which might mean starting to think about that.

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Another day off, back to work tomorrow

Gonna fire up the bbq today ohhhh yeaahhh

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Dropped the cat off at the dentist.

Part of it gets stuck but part of it keeps going which would cause a fire if left unattended for too long

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Last day (of 20) off. Back to work dread/cba-ness building.

Dog has been walked.
Going for a bicycle ride this morning.
Need to post some ebay tat, pick up my prescription and get some petrol in the car.
Possibly going for a 2nd bike ride with my wife this afternoon.

Cba to go back to work.

I also thought this, but it is bin day tomorrow so my hand is forced because I don’t want to miss the opportunity to get stuff out :frowning:

hello mates


Morning all!

I’m doing some work* this morning and then going for lunch.

*Looking at some spreadsheets/ possibly making some phone calls/ dealing with an enemy sniper on MGSV, probably


Hmmm. Might just sit in the garden where I can’t see it :smile:

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laelfy and twentynine better come back soon


Oh ok, that makes sense. Thought it was going to be like that Korean urban legend about death fans.

Wahhh yes please