It is Wednesday


Happy birthday to Paul Warhurst, Serena Williams, Olivia Newton-John, and my mum!

It’s raining and windy in Stockholm today, the best of all combinations :no_mouth:

What are your plans for the day? I went to see Petrol Girls last night and they were amazing. Today I’m gonna have a shit day at work and watch baseball.




Off to the hospital for hopefully the last time ever in this country, gonna stock up on aaaaaaall the meds
Then a meeting at work
Then gotta work from wfh this afternoon as my landlord is coming over to fix something and check the place out before it goes up for rental.
Should be an all right day. Also gotta figure out why I’m gonna day to my boss when I quit tomorrow.

PS good luck @keith


Alright mates

About to head to work
Then I’ll do work*
Then I’ll come home
Then I’ll go out for a dark bike ride, should be fun

*probably won’t, will I? But I should

Went to see American Animals last night, was good


Fuck off, Wednesday


Good Luck Keith

Also fuck off Epim… I mean Wednesday


I start my new job today :grinning:


All the best @keith

Late in today, put a phantom meeting in my calendar at work. 2pm finish though. Then pick up the kids from school.

Early night tonight beckons.


Good luck @keith and @bergkamp and anyone else who needs luck today.

I’m in Vegas - it’s a bit mental isn’t it? My hotel is fairly staggering.


Aww excellent! The two pigeons who live in the trees at the back of my flat and always kick it round together have made new friend

Happy Wednesday, everyone. I’m going to bed.


It’s the most ridiculous place in the most ridiculous location.



Which hotel are you in?

We just did one night in Vegas and that was more than enough for me.


Morning all.

I seem to miss Petrol Girls whenever they play Cardiff - I really need to sort that out next time they’re down this way.

Got an interminably dull training session followed by an interminably dull meeting today. Currently psyching myself up in Starbucks.

I missed why @keith needs luck today but whatever it’s for I wish him all the best.

And I hope you’re all well too.


The Luxor. Here for a day and two nights and that will be enough. It’s not really the place to be on your own.


Yeah - definitely go and see them I reckon. I was expecting it to be good but was pleasantly blown away. They are tight as hell and rock hard.


Ffs I ran for the bus then nobody could even get on cause it was full. Now I’m gonna be late for my appointment.


Say hi to Antpoc for us, also GL :slight_smile:


GL pal, you’ll be ace, no doubt about it.


How is it only Wednesday