It is Wednesday

That’s a good score Tilly! Have a safe trip!

Morning to everyone else! I’m making coffee for my GF, then I’ll go back to bed for a while. Studying for exams for most of the day I’d say.

Can’t stop watching that new Aldous Harding video

So many good ridiculous dance moves done in an Instagram boomerang style. (also I like the song).


Morning Tilly, all,

Pretty narked off this morning. was meant to have a meeting this afternoon and it’s been moved to tomorrow afternoon. One consolation is that once again it meant emailing my boss before 7am, hopefully reminding her that I don’t work the same stupid hours as her.

Might sit under my desk and sulk all day.

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oh hello. I’m also in an airport.

dunno if I’m touching that buffet tally, but I’ve got an hour to kill…

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Can @Tilly do the morning thread every day?

Enjoy Bikeland, bike dorks.

I’m meeting my boss after work to discuss interview feedback from an interview six weeks ago.

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Five pints and sixteen sausages?


Just saw this and thought of you all in your fancy schmancy departure lounges


Are you in the airport because you’re joining the bike dork crew or is it just coincidence?

Where’s @plasticniki? Still getting her coffee from Gatwick Pret-a-Manger?

I really hope this becomes a new dance craze because I can probably do those moves.

Kind of reminds me of the Babadook.

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just coincidence


Just make sure you have a crazy blue troll mask to wear on the top of your head for extra effects.

You going back to the States for work?

nah, going cycling round mallorca


Fucking HOOKED IN, goddammit! : D


That’s some heroic lounging Tilly - well played

I’m in the office the day before a 5 day weekend and it is deserted. It’s literally me, the cleaner, the receptionist & 2 other colleagues in an office space that usually has between 65 & 120 people in it.

Might take a whole conference room to myself.

Typically though on a day when the IT guy is not in the office the wifi is down and, quite possibly for the first time EVER, this computer actually has an ethernet cable plugged in. Very old school.

The lack of personnel in the office combined with the bright Swedish spring sunshine makes me want to slack off and do bare minimum but unfortunately the next 6-8 weeks are a scribbled cross-hatch of deadlines and I have to send 2 crucial documents off today/very absolute latest by tomorrow lunchtime

so obviously I’ll be posting on here all day

really want a croissant now


I was about to rumble you by pointing out that you were going to Mallorca and Tilly was going to Majorca, but I googled it and realised they were the same place.


aka the big madge

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Like Zante and Zakynthos

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I’ve been to both of those places


Gah, it’s not the wifi that’s pants it’s the whole network

might actually just go up to the roof terrace & work from there all day

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