It is Wednesday

Sainsbury’s Blueberry Wheats, actually

Eating plain shredded wheat is like eating cardboard

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Morning Morning!

Going for a wander about Avebury and the Longbarrow today with the kids.

Sun is shining :sun_with_face:

Happiest of birthday to you @avocado have an amazing day :cake::bouquet::heartpulse::bouquet::cake:

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How’s it only Wednesday? Please explain.

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I take it all back those are a top tier cereal.

Emergency mocha and pan o’raisins to try and perk me up a bit

Going out for a pizza with Mrs F’s ex this evening. Should be interesting.

Currently wishing this fucking SQL query would finish so I can go back to bed for a bit.

This was my life from age 8 until about three years ago.

The sensor isn’t perfect but it’s made that part much easier.


It’s my son’s 21st birthday today! I barely feel like an adult so not sure how that happened! :laughing:

We are off to the zoo and I am very excited!


Just dropped M at summer club, guess it’s USA week as they were blasting out Springsteen into the car park and someone in an American football helmet was jumping about. “Mummy, I’m scared” lol, it’s called enforced fun and you should be. Byeeeeeee.

Got lots of work to do but hoping I can squeeze in the full Bob Mortimer episode of Off Menu into the next 10 minutes.


My woeful recent experiences taking finger prick samples recently showed me that the most effective of the tips for getting enough blood out is the one about dropping your arm low the very instant you do the prick.

Feel rotten, want more sleep. Had awful night sweats. Test time, I think.

Yeah the hand in hot water thing seems to do some good too.

Morning tr00ps

Going to buy quake today for the Switch and chill in the home office all morning.

Have loads to work on. Hands can barely type after climbing.

Note how much I’m mentioning climbing now what a loser.

26C today yeah? Thanks lads.

Morning folks

broke my first ever phone screen today


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Keep crying at how amazing my neighbours are



that’s great you no longer need to do it. second reading an hour after breakfast is higher than it should be, noooooooooooooooooooo

What did you eat?

no-added sugar museli
some strawberries
with some oat milk

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Bastard strawberries?

I don’t normally have fruit with my museli but we have some in at the moment… fucks sake