It is with great honour that I present the **WEDNESDAY** thread

Morning DiSfaces

what’s your Wednesday gonna bring

I am officially on my summer holiday as of 25 minutes ago. Gonna help a mate buy a synth today



Got sunburned yesterday at the kids’ Sports Day so trying to avoid many predictable comments from people in the office.

Other things happening, not much urge to do them tbh.

It’s beautiful

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Hi! Day off today, going to view a couple of houses and might get a haircut. That’s it, that’s all I’ve got.

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Morning lovers

Had a great morning, woke up at 6am naturally, didn’t feel tired so went for a long walk before a doctors appt, then walked to work and have been blasting some 80s/90s dance tunes. Beautiful sunshine today.

I do hope you all have a lovely day


Morning troops

Daughter graduated from nursery yesterday so was a bit of a mess. Had a shit meal out and then went to bed late.

Need to go to to doctors this morning about MH and then take the dog for a walk.

Probably need new clothes for starting the new job.


morning all

got my timings wrong and left too late to get my train, going a different and much much much slower and annoying way. oops. although have a day of not much work waiting for me so not really a problem.

Morning morning morni mo mo mmm mmmmm

Went to a gig last night and the venue provided free ear plugs on the bar (obviously forgot mine, standard). So pleasant to wake up without that annoying ringing. Lovely.

Absolutely no idea what to do with my day off today

Another installment of the hit sitcom ‘Kermit’s Way’, now in it’s 26th series.

Sorry to hear you’re ill Kermo, nice to see you back around.


“I have turned on TV in kitchen”

^ DiSer getting his days mixed up?


Here’s a pic from last night’s gig

if you zoom in you can quite clearly see me - white t-shirt, sunglasses on head, right in the middle of the crowd standing next to someone with green/blue hair

I think it’s very much a listen to Jason Molina and stare into the void kind of day.

Looks like they have excel in the void so I can at least get some work done while I’m at it I guess.


hello all. it is freezing isn’t it.

no, it’s 24°C


I’m sweating outside m9!

Morning all!

Crazy lightning last night - the sky was lit up, but you could barely hear the thunder so it must have been miles away.

A busy day today with back to back meetings most of the day - those days are a bit stressful, but they go quickly.

Might see if a mate’s about for a pint tonight.

leeds is shocking today

How weird would it be for me to have a brie sandwich for breakfast?

  • Very weird
  • Not weird

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Weird, but in the way all brave pioneers must have seemed weird. Lead the way!

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Been shocking most of the summer really…