It is with great honour that I present the **WEDNESDAY** thread

Been shocking most of the summer really…

Tiiiirrrreeeedddd. Can’t believe I have to go back to work on Friday. Baby had better learn to sleep at night before then…

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I think last year was unusually warm / dry. I don’t think it rained much from May through til about mid-August. I’d find a link but they all seem to be for the Daily Express

Only weird in the sense that that’s exactly what I’m having.

I intended to close this poll at 10:30 because I was hungry. As it turns out I was too hungry even for that. Just had my brie sandwich. It was quite weird tbh, but at least I am now fed.

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It’s nice and warm today, which is good.

I had a bizarre dream about having to run the library in Clonmel at very short notice, which was bad.

I got a ticket for the Kim Gordon show in Dublin in July, which is good.

There is lots of work to do today, which is bad.

I was also so hungry that I confused 10:30 and 9:30.

WFH and feeling a bit bored. I’ve got a Sufjan playlist on*, but I think I might need to put on some bangers or something to wake me up a little. It’s a bit of a weird second-half-of-week though:

  • wfh today
  • all-day conference tomorrow
  • annual leave Friday

This means that something could go drastically wrong today and I won’t really be able to fix it until Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed for a safe passage into the w/c 24th June.

* I’ve said this before, but I think Planetarium is an underrated album. Jupiter is a banger, and Mercury wouldn’t have been out of place on Carrie and Lowell.

Just back from my youngest daughter’s class assembly - where we were treated to an ocarina recital. I now need to listen to something that will soothe my ears, like Napalm Death or something.




gonna throw so many branches in the garden waste bit


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weirdly satisfying isn’t it

I know it’s bad for the environment but I really wish I could throw more things away, loads of old CDs and videogames I don’t want anymore

In work for an hour and I’ve already done a ton of work. I’m a hero :muscle:

Had a load of old paving slabs sitting around in the back yard, and took them to the tip last year. Threw them, one by one, into the giant skip and watched them smash to smithereens. That was a good day.


I’m slightly disappointed to see that someone’s commercialised / monetised it

Today started of a fucking disaster but I seem to have saved everything by 10.00!
Which makes a change. Got the wrong insurance on a hire car but sorted it out without getting stung for cash.
Yesterday I got involved in a falling out between the wife and her dad, and I seem to have helped, rather than make it worse, which is a weight off my mind.
Fingers crossed.
And tonight, we meet up with friends for Art and booze.

I’m calling the day a win and will leave it here.




Charity shop.
Also there may be recycling scheme’s for CDs.