It’ll be alright on Tuesday night

What’s going on?

  • Chicken in Nando’s sauce, sweet potato fries, peas
  • Get a takeaway

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Was painfully hungry so had a brioche with Nutella - probs chicken fajitas later. Was tempted to play badminton but the session was 8-10pm ffs, that’s too late to sport and very weird time for eating around

May do a cocktail after finally feeling well for the first time in a week

Gonna buy another game thanks to Bams thread

Super tired. My partner is probably gonna be signed off work with stress tomorrow.

Gws ssf tv


Getting drunk on Ipswich quay while my colleagues are stuck in traffic


Had some good feedback about my work. So that’s good. In a shitty mood though. Feel like I need to get outside, but can’t.

Had a brownie box arrive in the post from my ATD though.


Kept meaning to bake myself a cake as a treat and not getting round to it. Boyfriend had today off so he’s made one for me :yum:



Handsome cake maker


Vanilla sponge



I was going to go paddle boarding tonight, then I sacked the idea off because it was a bit cloudy. Obviously the suns just come out now

Hi - having fish pie made for me, then going to the pub for a couple but no more :stop_sign:!!

Work was kind of quiet but also kind of stressful. Was hoping for a non stressy run up to going away but I don’t think that’s happening now :rage:


Making ma dinner and listening to some music. Then gonna watch some crap on tv. Pretty happy about it all

To be clear that like was for the feedback, not the shitty mood.

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Going for a run. Listening to the MSPs following the thread of justice earlier. Omelette for dinner, was fine at best.

Nice pub, that

Can i get away with navy shoes with a navy suit?

  • Yes
  • No
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Of course you can ma man

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