It looks like we could have more Moderators. Who would you like?

You are welcome to throw your own hat into the ring.

The caveat here is that for a while we were only allowed 5 people total admins + moderators so I’m not 100% sure this will work!

But I can’t see that warning up anywhere at all now so maybe it was an old aspect of when we were starting out?

Who are the current moderators?

@1101010 and @plasticniki, but there are users with limited permissions to love posts, close threads ect, but they can’t ban users

Alright I will do it, you only had to ask me directly

listed here

Would you like to be a mod @discobot fortune ?

:crystal_ball: Most likely

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[Drags fingernails along chalkboard]

You don’t just need a moderator. You need a goddamned predator. Deputize me, Sheriff. Gimme a shotgun and fifty rounds of ammunition, and I’ll clean up this town in no time at all. Let’s hunt us some commies.

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Bump for people starting to wake up in the UK.

Some actual discussion would be nice.

Not going to just ‘king’ someone without, you know, some backup from the forums.

I guess also:

I’d find it pretty hard to run the seventh biggest paper merchants in Tameside and this place, so i’m formally withdrawing my hat from the ring. I’d only end up banning all the cyclists anyway.


Good work chief. I think you fooled them.

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Fwiw I’m ready to hand my badge in tbh.

Also can’t believe I forgot @Parsefone before. I’m so sorry pafsefs.

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Think I’ve been around here long enough to have shown my maturity, conscientiousness and level-headed nature. A vote for safari will be a vote for everyone. And once the initial spate of bannings have died down, think this place will be much better for it.

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I spend a lot of time here, so if you need a lil help maintaining I’d be happy to help if you think I’m suitable :slight_smile:


Sorry mate, Theo contacted to say the jobs gone, to me!!. Pretttttty excited! Don’t take it personally, I was just a much better candidate.

DD would be the obvious choice. Ericthreforth seems quite level headed too?

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Yeah I would say Darwinbabe would be one of the better choices if she wanted to do it

I guess basically you need someone who’s nice, sensible, a bit boring, not likely to show favouritism and who doesn’t mind being on the end of unjustified criticism from time to time. Oh, and is here a lot.