It looks like we could have more Moderators. Who would you like?

Wouldn’t be nu-DiS without putting it to a poll

Would be good to know if any of the forum’s members who aren’t white men are interested. I realise this would me visibility on your part so I’ll leave it at that.

Good to see we have some who are interested *and also championed with seriousness *. So far that list would seem to be
@andyvine (drawings of DiSers as babies for evermore)

AFAIK all of these are male and white but I’ve not met all of you.

Wasn’t sure if @Ruffers was seriously interested or seriously endorsed. Sounded like there was a football angle. @Parsefone may have to comment :wink:

Sure, but I was going to leave it at least the weekend for people to discuss and consider.

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@wewerewerewolvesonce isn’t white


Happy to withdraw as a white male if need be Theo. Think I put my hat in the ring cos I’m here all the time innit.

All good nominees there, but I particularly think @anon76851889 would do a good job, so just posting to say that.

Though I think a mod rule should be you have to get little pictures now


All good choices :+1:t3:


I’m not saying we shouldn’t have white male mods I’m just encouraging people who aren’t to consider if they want to do it. :relaxed:

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A poster whose name was a glyph
Thought he was in with a sniff
He was totally psyched
But got so few likes
Resulting in thunderbirds.gif


i didn’t mean right now!

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Yeah I’m seriously interested


Utter bloody nonsense m63. I think in an ideal world having changing mods is a really great idea but practically not really possible, that’s it :confused:

The best way to mod a forum is to, as you say, all be collectively responsible, and also, as you say, to think a bit more about how we interact with each other.

What’s interesting is you profile shares an IP with another user, one I had expected to put their hand up here… :thinking:

Thanks but I’m not sure I’ve been here long enough really, think I’m a bit too nu-DiS to know where the line is between people knowingly and playfully irking one another and things getting beevey


I think being nu-DiS is probably a good thing…

Not trying to push you into it or anything


Christ no, I’ve called too many people twats on here! :sweat_smile:

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I wouldn’t worry about that really.

One of the reasons the old boards look a state is people posting in jokes to mates that now look horrific as we don’t recall or know the context.


Is it japes?

I am @safetywink! :crossed_swords: