It Only Tuesday Morning

Good morning sunshines

How are we today?


@profk’s avatar gives me nightmares

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Alright? Just made up some milk for tiny one and sorted his meds.

Night night.

Been up since 2:30 :sob: and now it’s time to get up I’m tired :sleeping:

Morning guys


Not really in the mood for this, if I’m honest.

Cba. Really really cba.


Morning squad.

Going to A and E / Minor Injuries to find out if my MRI shows a gnarly smashed scaphoid for real and what kind of surgery I’ll need. Or not.

I hope it is not. Almost six weeks with this splint on and it can get to absolute fuck.

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Morning all,

I have pretty much no work on at the moment, so I decided to get to the office for 7. It’s dark, there’s no one here, oh no, some other people are here. Don’t know who they are though. The light nearest my desk hasn’t noticed me yet, so it’s still asleep. Might hunt the office for some fruit. There’s usually some on Monday, but sometimes it doesn’t all get taken.

Take care.

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I hope it is not, too!

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Massive, massive levels of CBA.

V. Tempted to pull a sickie but that seems like too much effort.

On my way to Dundee to coordinate a day of filming. Up since some ungodly hour :sleeping: listening to Gary Barlow’s desert island discs. Can’t help but quite like him.

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Is he not a massive Tory tax dodger?


Rescheduled a meeting last week cos I wasn’t prepared for it, horrible feeling it’s today and… I’m still not prepared for it.

Back in Antwerp. Pretty skies at least.


Jason Orange is the only one who didn’t because his brother is an accountant and told him it was dodgy (if my sources are correct)

He spends his time cycling in the Lake District.


Is that why he’s not in the band any more do you think? Got pissed off with the rest of them flying to Monaco or Switzerland all the time.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Shame.

Hello. Still in bed aren’t I. Need to get up cos I have a doctors appointment in a bit.

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Morning all.

Stayed up too late listening to that HP Lovecraft thing last night and then couldn’t turn my brain off. So so very tired. But it was so so good.

Long day then it’s tonight it’s day one of the finalised raffle hot sauce making. Then sleep. All the sleep.


Hope you’re all well.

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