It Only Tuesday Morning

Morning all,

I went to bed just before 10pm, slept right through, and have just woken up. How am I still tired?

Got a meeting in a stable later.

Very mentally fragile
Different coloured hands

I think there was take that thing on over Xmas where they described him as ‘off grid’ so maybe. Was funny because my pal was working in the lakes and was seeing him every other day.

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I did the same, went to be at 9:30 as i had a headache and slept until 7:30.

I’ve had a foggy head since Sunday. Not sure if I’m ill or just incredibly tired.

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ooft! you’ve really done a number on it. Does it still hurt to clench?

Yeah although it gets better throughout the day
Worst is trying to pick up a kettle (haha yeah I bet it is! milk no sugar please)

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Just had a very important breakfast tête-à-tête with the boss before leaving the house


My cat has started screaming at all hours of the night again. Anyone want a cat? So tired

Is it windy? Ours is like that when the wind is loud, seems to really unsettle her.

Reckon there’s something in the background here that @Epimer or @laelfy will spot.

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I had psyched myself up to do some non-work work on the train to work today for the first time in aaaaaages. no seats though, so no work. thanks south western railway x

have a presentation to do today when I get to actual work. I did the same presentation last week to a different audience and I thought I did a thoroughly shit job so that’s going to be fun

Can’t feel hands. Got job interview today for something not particularly interesting. Go away, today.

Eye thing went well but horribly uncomfortable. Pain not so bad today, thanka for the good luck messaes!

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the pavements were glazed with frost this morning, and the streets were dark and silent. walking to work that early, breath steaming in the cold air, a man has a lot of time to think. as i passed beneath glowing streetlights haloed by freezing fog, i concluded that i have come to the end of my life cycle in my current incarnation, and feel like i should have access to a cocoon where i can be born into a new form. also my vape is leaking.

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was -10 on my walk to work, wanted to die

Playing D&D for the first time later :nerd_face:


Morning all!

Decided to walk to the hospital this morning instead of driving. The snow was both cold and wet - who knew?

I want all the sleep but my body will not allow me the sleep. Why you gotta do me like this, body?