IT remake trailer due very soon people

the kids look adorable and the bullies look scary but the clown doesn’t look all that compared to the tim curry one.

really don’t want this to be shit…

…fully aware this is probably going to be shit. can’t do it justice without making it a proper 18-rated tv boxset epic.

IT remake: the SCSI card strikes back

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What an image!

looks like my boss at his IT job lool

tho seriously i don’t feel like you’re taking this topic as seriously as it deserves

IT will be shite.

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Okay: the original is a so-so mini-series that fails to adapt a great but patchy book very well. Tim Curry is great but anyone could have worn a clown costume and be scary when you’re the only good thing in the show, and Clowns as evil was a new concept. People who like it saw it when they were too young and would have been scared by anything.

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It’s a while since I read it - but in the book - there is actually a kiddy gang bang and that’s how they somehow beat the monster? That’s not some horrific invention of my imagination?? (which would be very very worrying).

For some reason I saw the original for the first time recently. Without the power of nostalgia it is just about watchable but really quite terrible.


No I am not a pervert (well not for this anyway).

WTF though Stephen? Is that the painkillers?

Again only vaguely remember it - instead of getting it on to beat the monster they pull it apart with their hands or something?

It’s got John Boy Walton in too.

I can only vaguely remember it and I definitely saw it in the last two years.

It’s in the 5th part which is the one going back and forth between the two time periods, which is messy as hell. Reading some of those comments it seems most King fans don’t know he was an alcoholic wreck when he was writing it. He says in his autobiography there are books he doesn’t even remember writing. It’s an odd and disturbing bit for sure.

i first read the book when i was 12 or something. i think i skipped a lot of the last few hundred pages once they killed it and had that gangbang. would skip again. i remember being bored by the fact there were a series of endings rather than just, y’know, an ending. plus the last ending was standard king: they kill the hellbeast and the small town in maine explodes.

@1101010 yeah spot on. plus the only really scary parts of the miniseries were the kid bits, 'cos tbf they are kids so they’re more vulnerable, it’s a PG13 miniseries tbh, tim curry goes about as far as you could on TV in 1990. the kids in the book have a much more frightening time of it if memory serves (that fucking porch leper!) whereas in both miniseries and the book once the adults come into it the whole thing just stops being particularly interesting.

and IT turning out to be a giant spider in both book and miniseries is so fucking lame.

but the grown up bits and the spider are both totally wank and integral to the story, so how will poindexter direct his way out of that i wonder.

I think most of the book can be scary at PG-13 levels maybe. It’s mainly about dread and half-seen things.

But the book’s strength is in lots of different tales. The Interludes are scary as hell but how can you really weave those in? To do a good version you probably need to rip the book apart and rework it completely. Or else try to do it faithfully but hope you can keep the audience on side through the slow slow building first part.

One thing is that now (in theory) the contemporary part is also period 80s so it should have an allure of its own a la True Detective 1.

One of the issues I see with a ‘faithful’ adaptation is you probably need a fair amount of narration from Mike, but I feel like in TV and film narration really softens any edge so it’s not great for horror. Without it you probably end up with tonnes of exposition dialogue.

Be far more interested in a modern day version. Instead of manifesting their fears they could just receive whatsapp pics and a clown emoji


so many great bits in there, the scary door-esque interludes about derry’s history especially :thumbsup:

surprised they went with a film given what you can do with TV nowadays. you could have those interludes as webcasts or minisodes for instance. i would be geek enough to watch them, they’re my favourite bits of the book.

oh oh, ace marketing for the casting too, since stranger things was basically a stephen king novel he never wrote, now one of the kids from that is in the IT reboot.

@ericthefourth they could sext each other to get out of the haunted sewer pipe.

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I loved the TV adaptation as a kid but the second half was shite even then. Still think there’s a lot of quite effective stuff in the beginning. Tim Curry is great and the music is good too.