It’s 19:31. Evening thread time.

Saagers tonight. Half spinach, half blended peas since I didn’t have as much spinach as I thought. It’s very, very good.


Has pasta pesto with peas, broad beans and olives. Bit of garlic bread.


Just sitting in the garden now as it’s much cooler than the house.


You are the Saag king (you can do anything (with green vegetables))


uuuuh, I just vaccum packed something for the first time and I am in love. mind fully blown. going to vaccum pack everything!!! :eyes:

Evening all :blush:


Chuck ‘em all in.

Made a big vat of pasta sauce with aubergine, red pepper, kale and broad beans. Had a bit with spaghetti.

Also, made a spicy potato salad for tomorrow.

Thinking gin and podcast in the park.

Evening all :wave:

Dinner was pasta* with homemade pesto and feta. Just sitting here with all the windows open, listening to Nils Frahm and letting the house cool down.

* we’ve switched to wholewheat pasta and do you know what? It’s absolutely fine. And I don’t feel all groggy afterwards.

Kinda sorta skipped lunch and now I’m famished so it’s time for a Plankstek and a beer :beer:

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went to see a flat which was pretty good so might just take it coz i hate faffing around looking at loads of places. got myself a burrito on the way home and now i’m playing the new zelda. that’ll do, evening. that’ll do.


New potatoes, quiche and salad. A decent summery dinner for these times.

Beer now, and staying with the summery theme I’m going to make myself a shandy / radler (delete as appropriate depending on how much of a beer wanker you are)

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Scampi and roasted veg for moi.

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Made a version of this

Drinking beer, chilling out and prepping for work tomorrow.

This is a Reminder to put your cold brew on.


food or clothes? or other?


(although I might leave it for a little while, since Jimbo is in the process of going to sleep and me grinding beans isn’t going to help that)

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ooh ta

need to overnight my oats too (check me out)


How long do you need to get a good cold brew, do you reckon?

I like porridge but never got on with overnight oats.

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too hot for standard porridge the now isn’t it

Just started 3.5 weeks of vacation.


14-18 hours?!?!
Cold Brew FAQs | Stumptown Coffee Roasters

These guys say 12 which seems far more reasonable
How To Make Cold Brew Coffee (