It’s 7pm, it’s the WEDNESDAY evening thread

I’m fucking bakin


good evening DJ Dingaling


You look amazing! But it’s Wednesday, unless you’re DJing in the future

I’ve got a can of cheap lager and it has that lovely tinny taste I associate with summer. Pizza and coleslaw for tea and cutting the grass when the baby stops rattling around

feels like a thursday

bollocks it does

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I hope it’s not otherwise I’ve totally wasted my day off

Oh my god lol

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every day this week has felt like it was the next day.

Dingers you are officially as cool as fuck.


Still feel pretty ill. Had some soup for lunch which helped a bit and slow cooked pork carnitas wraps just now for tea :yum: Watched Dumplin’ earlier (Mrs Spin loves the books and want sure she wanted to watch it but decided today was the day), absolutely 10/10, brilliant stuff. Going to sit around drinking lemon and ginger tea and feel sorry for myself for the evening I think.

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To be fair, no one’s actually here yet :joy:


If I wasn’t hundreds of miles away I would be trust me, and I’d bring your doppelganger with me!

Windows open, there’s a lovely breeze coming in. Terrific breeze.

What’s your dj name, is it DJ Dingaling?

So so windy here. Has been all day. Love it.

Ah that’s such a lovely picture :slight_smile: hope that the evening is awesome and everyone dances their socks off.

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Evening DJ Dingaling and pals!

I’m afraid we have a situation over here. Dinner is about to be dished up but Winnie is currently using the end of my foot as a pillow and it’s ADORABLE so I can’t move but I also can’t eat dinner in my current position :sob::heart_eyes::sob:

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ve not mentioned that before, have I? :thinking:

Ah, I tried to take a picture of my foot pillow and she jumped up and off so that solved that one :sob:

Why do cats hate having their pictures taken? Is it just Winnie?

Have a lovely evening, all x

PS. Wish I was there to dance!

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My cat is stationary 99% of the time, but when i approach with my camera all i get is