It’s 7pm, it’s the WEDNESDAY evening thread

Evening all - it’s absolutely gorgeous here in Glasgow - couldn’t be nice today. Might got out for a walk in a bit to make the most of it. Booked myself in to get highlights on Friday - I’m going blonde! :open_mouth: Was going to do a poll of different shades of blonde but then I realised they’re mostly all exactly the same. Want to make some dinner but I’m still pretty full from lunch which is very annoying :woman_shrugging:

Remember to stay hydrated people. You can do this by drinking water.


I felt I was dehydrated yesterday so drank lots of water and today I have peed about 2000 times

(Early Shamen lyrics etc)

Drink quite a lot rather than lots tomotrow, would be my suggestion.

See it. Drink it. Sorted.

What dId they sing again? Something like that Es are good one but not that one…

Argh it’s so annoying!! 99% of my pictures of her are just a black fuzzy blur. She either runs off or starts smashing her jaw into the screen.

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just slipped in the bathroom and literally did the splits.

Hey that’s my line!

(I’m the water pusher of my friendship groups)

Ouch! Hope you’re OK x

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i think in the one i posted above mine was annoyed that i wasn’t petting her

It was that one. It said something like “got any salmon? Sorted”… Was never sure what salmon was. Am sure it was a drug reference and not just a pilled-up desire for fish.

My friend used to sing ‘Leeds are good, Leeds are good, Leeds are really good’ and I can’t unhear that.

Today’s best buy! @Gnometorious

6 months late, but hey :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Watching Nashville (1975) for some reason. It’s good

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Finally did a swim in the ocean today!!!

Just in time as well, as it is fucking PISSING it down now mates. Heavy summer rain is nice when you’re inside but I have to change a bus before I’m home


Do I

  • Take a book and a beer to the park
  • Tidy up my messy flat

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Saw someone I know and kinda fancy on tinder

Chickened out and closed the app

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Plz report back.
@joke enjoyed it!

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What’s on your playlist DJ Dingaling?

I am in Spain
On a balcony
Wearing a kaftan

it is nice

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