It’s Friday, baby!

Morning. What’s going on out there?

I woke up at 6:30 before the alarm even rang. Looking forward to going back to my normal sleep pattern tbh.

Working today, family arrives this afternoon and staying the weekend so hopefully that will be fun/nice. Only time so far this year that we will all be together :slight_smile:

Lunch plans? Weekend plans? Selfie plans? Etc

Morning, wr. Going to hospital to have a baby this morning!


Omg! Good luck Team Raanraals! :partying_face::two_hearts:




No-one’s eager to follow that opener, huh


Really hurt my neck

Should’ve been the first day of the fringe. Damn you, covid!


Funky Monday :frowning:

Morning all!

Had a nice long zoom with my ATDs last. It was the first time I’ve actually wanted to speak to them since lockdown so that was good.

We’re going out for lunch today.


Going to the beach!


Just dashing back from nursery drop off to go and take Fig to be neutered, then I’ll have to run straight to work then I have to run straight home as getting a new intercom fitted. Not going to be a very relaxing day and I won’t get chance to eat until late afternoon.

Getting a new phone delivered today. Charging port on my current one is fucked

Got an email from the Head of the Internet Fraud Unit (Chod T Wolf at the US Depasrtment)

What a start to the day!


Up, going to a walk then sitting in that sunshine eating lollies and reading books. :sunny::sunglasses::sunny::tropical_drink:

Good luck Fig! Good luck @Raanraals!! Good morning DiS :sun_with_face:

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I too have had an email from an American.

His name is Burley.

I’m guessing he’s a former college football star turned developer

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning WR, All,

My manager is off for the first time since she took over from my other manager who went on maternity leave in March. #blessed Been up already for a walk round prospect park. There were even more dogs than usual it was incredible #thatsincredible Was just emptying my old coffee grounds on the mint when ol’ devil cat from next door came a snooping. Before sense could stop me, I’d risked it all for a very slight tap of her fluffy fluffy head. #thatsnaughty Thankfully, I’d just washed my hands and promptly washed my hands straight after. I miss meeting up with animals.

Going to make Shawarma with Bazlama flatbreads for late lunch, which will be our main meal for the day. might have a big bag of cans down the park later.


Congrats! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Have been looking for help online for my sore finger and one website literally said I’m not in the eu so can’t access it :pensive:

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