It’s Friday, baby!

They’ve done you there

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Sitting on a log waiting for my turn in the lido. Quite pleasant

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worst team in North American sports shat the bed last night

Last day of a two week holiday :cry:

Going to sit next to Windermere and read books, while the kids throw themselves off a jetty for six hours straight.

BBBBBQ later.

keep waking up with the absolute fear in the mornings lately and just lay in bed for ages worrying.

going to see an old mate and a nice dog in a park today. maybe play some switch later.

Lets go to the beach, beach
Let’s go get away


Would like to just lay on a yoga mat in a park for the next three days

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Would like a holiday thanks


Good morning,

If I were to say to you

‘Canoe man, faked his own death’
Would you know who and what I was talking about?

  • Yes of course, it was a pretty famous case
  • No idea pal

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What if I were to add the following further info

Argh I can’t remember where but they went somewhere. Oh his name was John. He and his wife were in cahoots and didn’t tell his sons about the whole scheme - then would you have any clue what I was on about?

  • Oh yes, of course!
  • I’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 years

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Got some acoustic foam being delivered today.

Truly I am living my best life. :partying_face:

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Sleeping so poorly

Morning all, yesterday was a write-off so got a busy one today as I try and catch up (although I’m getting turfed out of my makeshift office at some point today to let the gas man check the boiler for… boiler things?)

Hoping it stays sunny at least so I can use it as an excuse to have a brew in the garden during work time.

Also, I’d forgotten about Canoe Man! What a bizarre story :smiley:

Haha I nearly started a thread about this yesterday but then couldn’t remember if I already had.

Morning everyone, slept poorly, have a sore throat, but met a two day old foal yesterday, so on balance…canoe man


I saw a cool hairy caterpillar cross the dirt road on my way home last night

edit - it was one of these, apparently they are toxic? Was I supposed to kill it?


I have actually lost count of how many times the 4 houses around ours (on a terraced road) have had major building work in the 2 years 8 months I’ve lived here… I think it’s 7 times, 3 of which have been in lockdown. WHYYY is my last week here being spoiled by MORE drilling noises :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Getting keys to new place today, doing inventory and starting to move stuff in. Going to inflate/fill paddling pool as well so I can sit in it over the weekend.

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Woke up late as left my phone in front.

Going on a holiday of sorts this weekend.

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Had a Carajillo using kahlua last night, best new cocktail

Morning. I’ve decided to stop work for a month or so and I’ve been staying at my parents’ on and off for a couple of weeks as my dad’s not doing too well. Did a load of gardening yesterday including cutting back a load of overgrowth that meant you couldn’t open the side door to the kitchen or go round the back of the house without ducking or getting leaves in your face. Think when I finally do the thing and move to the burbs I’m gonna enjoy gardening.

Also I feel fine @Epimer