It’s Friday, show me your face



Sadly no cat this week, so this office plant will have to do.


On a bike, not quite looking at the camera


I tried to take a nonchalant photo of what I normally look like when I’m working. Jesus fucking Christ, no wonder I’ve got no work pals.


I’m doing some work in the office like a corporate bigshot

Also, here’s a bonus one I took on my way to work to test my new phone camera, you lucky scamps…


Feeling snotty and unattractive, no cameras please!


Surreptitious office selfie


Happy Corporate Selfie Day!




fuck your knee is hairy m8


I’ve got new shoes. Cos I mean business


nearly managed a smile as well !


Last night at Stansted Airport, land of dreams, when my Ryanair flight was obviously delayed


Business-wise, this all seems like appropriate business.


Went skiing the other week. Three happy looking people, and Bergman’s Death in the back. Guess which one I am?


My face from yesterday


I’ve got a remote control, and I’m not afraid to use it!


Last day of work for a week so obviously ecstatic


Yesterday, and not a selfie, but who cares


which one… etc.

Strong baby quiff btw