It’s Friday, stay at home

Except I’m typing this at a freezing bus stop because I’m actually going into work today after being released from furlough for a couple of days. It will be the best kind of retail work, the kind with no customers. Good nights sleep, good D&D sesh last night, I’m in a pretty good mood.

How about you?


Weekend off after today, just gotta navigate a late shift. Had 2 out of 6 keyholders of the shop pinged by track and trace last night which meant a frantic 90 mins trying to find cover for a 3.30 start. But all good. Making a casserole in the slow cooker before I bugger off to work too


Did you win?
(My wife’s standard question when I return from a session.)


Morning all

I’m not staying at home either: I’ve got to go to Cambridge to pick up a laptop for work. However, I have no other meetings today and I’ve got butter chicken for dinner (well done, past CCB for making double quantity and freezing half).

:sunny: There is more daylight today than yesterday:

  • 2m22s in London
  • 2m57s in Edinburgh
  • 2m31s in King’s Lynn.


Day off for me, except I’m meant to be educating a five year old so not really a day off. Hopefully the change might keep him engaged a bit. I think we’ll go for a little bike ride this afternoon since it’s meant to be wet at the weekend

Having the six by nico at home dinner thing tonight for anniversary food.

Also @Keith @Tuna and I have our only connect audition at lunch.

So quite an exciting day as far as lockdown goes


Morning all!

Wor Lass is working from work today so is also doing all the nursery delivery and collection today so I have a relatively lazy morning.

I’ve got a series of assessments to observe until about 11.00 and then I need to plan next week. I would like to spend the afternoon virtually sneaking around and not killing people.

Not sure what we’re eating tonight but we have enough options for it to be good and tasty.

I had been planning not to mention that…


Is this for real???

Some people would call it rude to schedule a meeting at 7:30am, but that’s just me.

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I have to take the Christmas tree to the dump today. Not sure what they’ll make of me tbh

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Certainly came off better than that snow maiden and fucked up moose


Omg what???

It’s basically six by nico but they deliver it and you have to prep some bits at home


Tell Vicky I love her



I have too many meetings for a Friday. Far too many.

Already looking forward to pizza and beer tonight.

We watched Martin Lewis last night and then both changed our phone contract. Both saved a tenner a month …240 a year. Thanks Martin.

Good morning.

Need to do some exercise today. That’s all.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day