It’s Friday, stay at home

Stupid fucking contractors destroying the tree outside my window, making sure it’s not gonna have any leaves in the summer.

Cunts. Fucking hate how capitalism ruins your day in so many little ways.


What an incredible trio

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I’ve put no milk but I change my mind on this everytime I have a cup of it. Would always go no milk at home but I always used to have with milk in a cafe.

I did not, lost to the sands of time

think it depends on the strength, current one I have is really strong and isn’t nice without milk
don’t even like earl grey that much though, dunno why I keep buying it

Is it not this?

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It always gives me a really upset stomach as soon as I’ve drank it. Love the smell so much though

Go check out my new mug (spoiler: it has birds on it)

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didn’t know you were into welding?


I like vanilla roobois as my “not tea” tea alternative these days.



Weather doesn’t usually get to me emotionally - and if it does it’s actually usually bc it’s a sunny day and I’m feeling un-sunny - but boyoboy I could do with a nice weather day right now, maaaaaaann. Just want to go for a walk without coming back in all moist

Ooh pardon

I was on a day off. Woke up at 9am and checked my phone.

Text from work asking me to come in for a 10 hour shift. On the tube now :roll_eyes:

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there’s a vanilla caramel tea that tastes like nothing but I keep buying it cos I like the smell so much
also like the ginger / mint flavoured ones and am a big fan of sleepy tea in the evening. hardly ever drink black tea actually

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Just booked a last minute half day so I can go out for a (local) walk in this winter wonderland -


Can you just… Not… Ignore your texts?

Sorry realise this sounds privileged

You need to try this, it’s amazing



I’ve just discovered you can have playlist folders on Spotify and I think it’s going to change my life.

What a day, happy Friday!

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You might like this if you’re an earl grey and vanilla fan.

They also do the best sleepy teas! I like dozy girl or moodrop dreams. I accidentally ordered shit loads of deckchair dreaming if anyone wants any in the post!