It’s Friday, you know?

Happy Friday. I’m in a city but I can only leave this very cryptic clue:

Much on this weekend?


Enjoy Gateshead!


Goddammit, I was going to say the same thing.


Looking :fire::fire::fire: @roastthemonaspit

Could not drop M off at nursery quick enough this morning. Had the excellent idea last night of booking today off to finally catch up on rest from all the colds and norovirus. My manager isnt in to approve it until Monday but cant see how it’d be a problem.


Heading to Ireland for the weekend.
Been ages since I’ve seen family and friends, looking forward to it


Supposed to have the day off but just got an emergency call for a water main leak, so out the door to check that out.

Currently suffering from a coconut oil-based bumtastrophe. Wfh it is then.

Been at work for 43 minutes already :frowning:

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wfh, which is nice but not very productive.

Spent most of the night dealing with the cat who was in a weird mood and miaowing everywhere. I hope she’s alright! She was grumpy as fuck yesterday because I gave her diet food - not making that mistake again :joy:

Not many plans for the weekend - seeing some friends and also need to clean out the closet and chuck some stuff out. Public holiday on Monday too which is quite nice.

Been at work for nearly an hour done absolutely nothing. Might go and get a cinnamon swirl from downstairs to drag out not working a bit more.

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the keys on my keyboard are seized up

Had a dream that I had to interrogate a shark …

Having beans on toast and listening to a true crime podcast. Gonna do some HIIT in a bit. Playing a gig tonight. :man_shrugging:

My cold is 7 days old and still getting worse, voice gone, chest hurts general woes. Cant wait until close of business as have 3 day weekend to rest it off!

Hello! That’s a very lovely picture @roastthemonaspit :blush: your outfit suits you v well.

My little sister is singing very loudly in the shower. I fucking love her so much.

Going on a day trip somewhere I can’t remember but I can read in the car on the way :nerd_face:

3 days till back at work. The dread is already beginning to course through my veins :scream:

Hugs x


Did you manage to trip the shark up and make them stitch themselves up?

Edit Ps.


Up and almost ready to get myself sorted. Everyone else still in bed, kids are gong to be horrible next week when they need to be up at 7.

Alright nerds
Horrible nights sleep, feel like death warmed up


In work which is unsurprisingly a ghost town. Computer has decided to update so I have a brief reprieve from what is sure to be a day of hell

Yeah this. Hardly any sleep at all. What little there was was interrupted by cat climbing over my head and elbow-son clambering into bed at some point too

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wearing my yellow dungas at work because fuck it