It’s Friday


Oh hi pals, no thread yet?

I am at Heathrow waiting to board a flight to Berlin to see an ATD who lives there and celebrate his birthday. Fucking hate airports. Wife and baby free for the weekend which sounded great in principal but I already just miss them both a lot.

What are you doing today?

  • Working hard
  • Hardly working
  • Living off my trust fund (Tory option)

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morning hank

loads to do at work today but have a severe case of the cbas.

going to a small festival tonight mainly to see my favourite Czech act, looking forward to having a wee boogie. will keep focusing on that to try and get me through the day…

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Morning Hank, Juke, others. I need to give a huge shout out to @Gnometorious for introducing me to the delights of breakfast-pudding except now I’ve finished the last of my Easter chocolate and if you think I’m going to throw a big immature baby tantrum over it then I’m happy to say you’d be absolutely right :sob::triumph::sob::triumph::sob:


Will be at least at work all day, then Matilda tonight.


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Morning hank, jook, all.

It’s Friday! Really looking forward to this weekend to ease being back at work.

Got an appointment tomorrow to get my phone fixed, and there’s an lgbt work event I’m going to tonight!


Driving to That Glasgow in a bit. Tebay for lunch, yesssssssss.


Morning all! Day two of the Great Escape - I saw eleven bands yesterday (actually it was 10, but I saw one band twice). I’m going to have a nice chilled out morning then the music starts about 12.


On the way to the airport to meet my parents and then fly to Newcastle. I desperately need to eat. No breakfast so very hungry.


Morning all.

2nd day of a training course today, with an exam. There’s a couple of properly irritating attendees on the course. The sort who argue the toss over random points, despite their question / objection being clearly addressed on the slide that’s up on the wall or being an example of a ludicrous edge case.

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Morning! Monday for me today, but only got a 3 day week then 4 days off so could be worse.


Still remember doing TGE 2010 and getting to see The Pipettes, Patrick Wolf, Chew Lips, The XX and Marina and the Diamonds all in the space of about eight hours :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Was that the year Pipettes played on the pier? By some weird quirk, the gig was after the pier officially closed so I didn’t get to that. Rose Dougall is playing this afternoon though.

If I was pushed I’d have said that was 2009 not 2010, but it’s my eleventh TGE this year and they all blur into each other a bit.


Well Friday is the day of meetings asking how much work we’ve got done but as I’m only in the office 2 days it’s pretty hard to get said work done when about 35-40% of my weekly time is in these meetings.

So I’m in an anxiety spiral about it as usual.

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Ooh it might have been, I went to both

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Guy next to me on the train has been adjusting his hair (with his phone as a mirror) for the past five minutes. Socially acceptable to give it a big ruffle? Y/N



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How long until the Freddie Starr stories emerge


Running a group case review session today - have done it once before but this is the first time without any supervision. Really like this kind of work, and whether we continue to do it in future probably depends on the success of this session. Unfortunately it mostly depends on how enthusiastic the participants are, so much of it is outside my control. Trying to get them on side by paying for biscuits out of my own pocket. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


I’ve done 3 11 hour days in a row so I don’t have to work Saturday (I can take bank holidays off but they’re not paid so I have to make up those hours if I do) but just working until 1 today then gonna go home and retreat into teenage me by playing guitar and video games. Wooooooooo

Might go to a housewarming/party tomorrow.

Enjoy Berlin!


Wife and I have been married seven years today. Doing something for her with the family. Then dinner out.

No word on the jobs. Grrrr