It’s Friday?

I think my brain melted, can barely form a coherent thought lately.

Gonna be a good 7 hours of pretending to do stuff at work :+1:

What y’all doing, any heat casualties?


WFH. Slept terribly. Grumpy.

Think my mini bay tree might be fucked but that’s about it.

Got quite a lot to do in work but then I’m coming home, ordering a pizza, nuding up, and not leaving the house until Monday morning.

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Might do a WFH afternoon, undecided

I’m going to York.

Well. Work then York.

It still feels p much as hot in my room as it did last night, even though it’s 10 degrees cooler :frowning: bah.

My hair looks awful so I need another shower. [Grumbles]

Wet and not massively warm here.

Off to play D&D soon. One of the players has a 3D printer so I asked him to make me 6 skeletons for the game I am running with my nephew. Except they’re actually for THIS game tonight! BWAHAHAHAHA.

Of course now he has to remember them and on top of that they have to go through into the dangerous room with skeletons. Unlikely.

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Ocado due then it’s a birthday party for my niece, might have a barbecue later.

@TheBarbieMovie2023 get all the windows open!!

Sat by the back door last night drinking bourbon and watching the storm come in.

Too much bourbon

O no

Want die


Made it to the gym this morning . WFH today. Pizza and booze this evening . Pretty pretty decent Friday

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Didn’t sleep well, then the cat woke me up properly at just before 6. Got up early instead of lying around in bed sweating to death so that’s good I guess, made my lunch for work and breakfast and tidied up a bit. Might have a 10 minute nap. Today is my Monday and I do not want it.


Been looking to the alternative pride night tonight but now I just feel like sitting in a cold dark room for a few days.

Was in Dublin for work and flight back last night was cancelled. Now sat in a hotel waiting to hear if/when I have another flight. When will I get home? Who knows!


Actually quite a bit cooler here today, but it looks like it’s going to rain and my train’s delayed. Is it 5pm yet?

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sleeping so badly urgh. fuck the heat.

was meant to go to the gym but feel too knackered

Would’ve slept all right if it hadn’t been for the police helicopter overhead at 5am. Really need to move to a better area.

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Morning all! WFH today, so that’s a bonus, and Doves tonight, except it’s later than I expected it to be and up a big fucking hill (which I knew about already, but doesn’t detract from the fact that it is still a big fucking hill).

Four day weekend! Got physio then gym then heading up north for a wedding.

Apropos of nothing look at this vid of Joni Mitchell jamming Coyote with Dylan and Roger McGuinn. So good.