It’s Friday!!!

Glad Midsommar everyone! Today is the Swedish midsummer celebration where we don’t work and get drunk outdoors instead, so here’s to that. It’s raining, of course.

We’ve got friends coming round and we’ll eat under a parasol in the garden. Weirdly also have a piano tuner coming this morning.

What are you up to today? Looking forward to the weekend?


Glad Midsommar!

Morning all

It is once more grey an drizzly in the leafy south Manchester suburbs.

I have used some of the ridiculous amount of flexi I have to take this afternoon off. I will mainly be doing the jobs we normally do on a Saturday so that we can crack straight on with building our shed tomorrow. Will try to get in an episode of the expanse and some darkest dungeon tho.

This looks like I’m going to be doing at least a 50 minute round trip walk in warm drizzle at this point.

I had my covid jab yesterday and I had a terrible night’s sleep last night. I’m not sure if it’s related but I feel extremely groggy.

Of course it’s raining - it’s what would be Glastonbury weekend.

Day three of isolation here, so I guess I’m staying in again. At least it’s Friday.

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Morning all :wave:

Raining here too. I keep looking at the BBC forecast, and the nice weather seems perpetually 8-10 days away :frowning: still, it’s looking dry-ish for the weekend so that’s good.

Today is busier than I’d like a Friday to be. Nothing dread-inducing, just busy

Got a couple of meetings this morning then its off to sainos to pick up THPS on the Switch. Feel like a child and wish i could just go now but never mind,

Currently ‘working’ in bed with my 4yr old next to me.

Other than that it’s film night with my kids which i hear is something about a dragon so that should be good,

Have eaten like shit all week so hopefully correct that also.

Have a great day y’all. If in doubt…do it!

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Morning all!

Glad midsummer to all the hashtag scandilads!

This is my last day at work until August so I’ll be trying to clear my list of things to do as soon as possible.

I’ve been invited to a garden party for someone who is retiring but it’s going to rain and Wor Lass isn’t well so I’m probably not going.

If I can get to the shops, I’ll be making some veggie versions of Swedish-style meatballs for tea.

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I was slightly apprehensive about how I’d feel this morning after having my second Covid vaccination yesterday, but I feel absolutely fine, fortunately.

Unusually for me I was wide awake just before the alarm went off, so I made an early start with work which hopefully means I can finish earlier too. Might go for a walk in the park if the weather clears up as forecast.

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Morning all.

Another grey day here but dry for now, at least.

Off to the tip to throw some rubbish into big skips shortly. Bit of shopping to do while I’m out.

Dog walk and maybe a bike ride, probably just have another day off it tbh.

Fish and chips for tea tonight.

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Easy now.

Another morning ive not managed to get up in time to go for a pre-work walk and its made me a bit sad.

No meetings, supposed to be a GDPR day so but not sure i can be arsed.

No real plans this weekend, might check out some exhibitions

Raining. Which is good as means I don’t need to water the garden. Hope it fucks off soon though.
Work then '‘Family Friday’ which is an event I have put in place every Friday evening as I don’t work evenings anymore, where we go and do something as a family.
The last one was full of whining and whinging and some negative comments about Family Friday in general so I need to win them back around.

Very clever of me to do all my work yesterday so that hungover me could doss about today.


But how are your family reacting?

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Greetings from Yorkshire

I’ll be here all day, for the next few days



Wrong city

Never change.