It’s funny that sausages

are the best form of meat product, but the worst form of vegetarian food, isn’t it?

Have tried every single version of veggie sausage and I can take or leave all the other meats, so this has been researched.

Please agree below.

Have you tried these absolute mad bastards?

^They please me


For me the trick is to not think of them a sausages so much as sausage-shaped protein delivery systems.

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Checked these out in co op the other day

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These have slipped through the net of taste testing all veggie sausages, but they look good…maybe there is hope

Regular lindas- fine!
Lindas with rosemary & onion - better than the other ones
Chorizo Lindas - the best Lindas


You are right, most are v bad. Things that are in the shape of a sausage but definitely the taste of something else. But deff give the shroomdogs a try

save it for…


Mines more of a cocktail sausage

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both of your statements are wrong, sorry


Cauldron veggie sausages beat every other sausage in the world, obviously.

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these are amazing


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the chorizo ones aren’t particularly good, I like the cumberland ones a lot though

the texture of the casing is still off though

Imagine thinking sausages are a good form of meat.

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not ideal for breakfast, these. very much a tea time soss


What are you on about.
Linda Ms are great.


One of the wrongest things I’ve read this morning, and I was on twitter for 15 mins or so earlier


If you want a ‘meat’ like sausage the vegan Richmonds ones are really similar.

I think most veggie ones try and add a bit of spice or flavour, depends what you are looking for I guess.

it’s all in the cooking. ignore the instructions that invariably tell you to grill or oven cook them. get em in the frying pan.

I feel like sausages might be a slightly more ethical way of eating meat in a way in some way because you’re at least eating more parts of the animal.

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