It’s Monday, it’s the evening

Pint of Stella in a hotel bar while watching the kid swim. Now wife gone out to cinema and I’ve got a bottle of wine, listening to Idles and some new magnum ice cream number and kids watching tennis.

Thought of the term “clasically trained threadsmiths” today and need to output it. Cheers.


Microwave curry in the process of cooking. Spent today doing some ironing. Want to go to sleep soon.

I need some sandals, but they’re putting me into a real dad life crisis.

Pls advise.

Had a very big cry and did something i was putting off for a long time (partially at the same time) and feel much lighter. Trying now to do some writing, my story idea has changed so many times but this particular outline is very good imo


Just watched Gwenno do an in store gig at Resident, which was really good. Now queuing to collect my LP and get it signed


Birkenstock Arizona EVA

Embrace the dad vibes and wear them with socks like me

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Saw a woman wearing Birkenstock sandals the other day and thought that was the most middle class thing I had seen in a while. And that was at a kid’s tennis tournament.


I thought that look was allegedly fashionable these days?

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Grumpy for various incredibly minor reasons, being too tired to finish a poem is the main one. Back down to london tomorrow, wish i was staying longer.

Listening to the boss and eating chili cheese dogs at yet another cookout. Heart should explode any minute.




I think this is it - I need to change my mindset. I’m the problem, not sandals.


They are so so comfy, but I have really manky feet and wear them with socks to save the public

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My dad just told me I “look like shit”. I’m sure no truer words have ever been spoken.

Feel very affected by my one (1) cocktail. Want a lie down

Turns out filling the 4 year old with sugar about an hour before bed was not a sensible move. Who knew?!!!

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That was awful

What another word for water in a river that isn’t water or river?

So far I’ve gone for body, as in body of water

Stream? Pool?

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