It’s Monday morning

Hi from Brizzle


Get to go on a hovercraft in a bit


Excellent start.

Saw a gorgeous little dog called Ruby and in a few hours I’m looking after the other Ruby :heart_eyes:

M was late for steel pans so i got to hear some of them playing hoping for some Calypso Carol vibes but man alive, that is some experimental sounding percussion.



Beautiful day out. Have a presentation today that I had to work all weekend on and feel a bit underprepared for but once that’s out of the way I’ll be golden. Also had a big book of cryptic crosswords arrive in the post so I’m embarrassingly excited for my winter evenings now.

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Got a really boring patent fact for you that’s going to ruin hovercraft for you:

The UK patents act has an exemption to patent infringement for aircraft that are temporarily or accidentally in UK airspace, and for ships that are temporarily or accidentally in UK territorial waters.

And then someone realised that hovercraft are technically not ships or aircraft, so they amended to the statute to say “relevant ship, aircraft or hovercraft”.

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Hola! In Lewes this morning for a dentist check up. Very timely after my teeth hurting so much last week.

I thought the other person in the waiting room was being incredibly unsociable and playing music through their phone, but it turns out that the surgery just has a really tinny stereo

Record it on your phone, stick it through some stereo reverb, release it on Disentegration State


Morning all!

I haven’t driven my car since last Monday and I can’t find my keys. I’ve used the spare set to get to work but it’s really annoyed me because I’m not someone who loses keys normally.

It was very David Lynch like. I laughed at first but then i was just uneasy :sweat_smile:

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Think I’ve forgotten how to eat breakfast that isn’t bagel based

Day ruined. Thanks a bunch Dr Epimer

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You’re welcome. £350.

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Nice weather today, cold, crisp, blue skies. Lovely. Had a nice weekend in Cornwall, now back in the office and it’s my 37th birthday. Brought cakes in for my team.

Takeaway for tea tonight, my choice. Probably pizza from Pizza Triangle, which do lovely stonebaked pizza. :pizza:


Happy birthday! :partying_face::heart:


Gonna tidy up the side of the kitchen table I don’t use and dump stuff on

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HP BD SW! :cake:

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Got an interview for a promotion, not even booked interview time and already nervous

Dad made a friend in the Lucy and Yak store.


HB, s_w! :partying_face: :cake: :duck:

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Happy birthday @sine_wave :heart:

Hope you’ve got some horror films and treats lined up for this evening :blush:

Morning everyone else :wave:

Drinking a tea and listening to a podcast where two women chat about dating. Love it, feel like I’m just hanging with friends. So comforting.

Oh and work, also work.