It’s Monday!

Morning people! I’ve woken up feeling pretty productive and hopeful I’ll hear about a job I think I’m going to get. Going to crack on with some packing and see how long this nauseating positivity lasts. How’s everyones’ dread levels?


Yeah looks like a nice day. I’m going to reward myself with a Mr Whippy later on I think.


I’m hungover. Whoops.

I hope you get positive news about the job @anon19035908 :crossed_fingers:

The pollen forecast is taunting me by saying the threat level is ‘moderate’, my nose has been streaming and my chest is feeling tight and I haven’t even left the house yet.

Going to go try get R a haircut if the barbers isn’t too busy, that should be fun :grimacing:

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Drove into central Manchester today and parked at work before realising it’s the Man City parade and all the roads are going to be shut. I’m going to do a couple of calls at the office and then drive back home this morning, otherwise could be stuck here till 9pm

oh god i cb fucking a


I noticed when I went for my last haircut that the barbers had a chair for kids that was a little car. Is that normal for barbers now? Would that help R?

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Too many leeds beers?

I have heard of these, but his barbers isn’t so fancy - they just have a massive cushion pad to prop them up higher. Currently running on a 50% rate of trouble free haircuts to 50% nightmares, hopefully now we have the technique down for making it better though.

Had a half great half shit weekend - I’m good at organising things to do in the week but I’m totally lost at the weekend! Don’t know what that’s all about.

Sunny week so lots of outdoor reading hopefully.

Apparently I used to be a nightmare at the barbers, and would then sit scowling fiercely into the mirror at the barber. Now my eyesight is so bad I have no idea what they’re doing til they give me my glasses back at the end, so I probably make that same face. That’s the extent of my barber stories. Oh also I used to get my hair cut at a place where identical twins worked in adjacent chairs which was weird and confusing when you can’t really see. Now I’m out of stories. Good luck with R’s haircut! :crossed_fingers:


We did that at first for our son, because he was a bit hard work at first. Took him to this place which is a kids barbers basically.

Now he’s absolutely fine.

I’m not necessarily sure if the kids barbers was a good idea or helped at all, but it at least felt like we were trying to do something to make it easier for all concerned and avoid him ending up like van Gogh

Oh and the twins’ father who owned the place is an elderly Sicilian man who’d wash my hair, give me the towel and say in a really thick accent ‘enjoy yourself’. That was fun.

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Work then band practice later. It’s nice out today innit, whoop

This week is going to definitely be in my top 5 worst weeks at work. Could even take the no.1 spot AND I have some sort of cold/flu hell going on

Exactly this

Hand a great dream where I saw kozelek play in some kind of university library or something, everyone was sat on the floor.

He did an a Capella version of Richard Ramirez Died Of Natural Causes then halfway through this like four piece string section appeared inside these rotating pillars, it was fantastic.

He did a cover of Tomorrow Tomorrow by Elliott Smith and asked me to sing the harmonies with him.

I love my brain :slight_smile:


Another day another box of stolen pens


Felt weirdly rough this morning given I had all of one G&T and 1.5 pints over the course of like 4 hours last night. Off to Amsterdam this evening for three days of workshops. CBA.

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already bored

it’s going to be a long week mates