it’s my birthday

I’ve just been PRESENTed with a big bottle of Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola. It is now in the fridge :slight_smile:

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Happy birthday you janner!

What’s your favourite place in Plymouth?

Tommy Tynan! (showing my age there)

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They hang out at the Pit and Pendulum, I think. And there’s still Black Catz goth night at Images. (Outside of lockdown, obvs!)

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  1. Happy from Hey Duggie
  2. Gennaro Contaldo
  3. Orson Welles
  4. Kim Deal

Happy birthday :partying_face::birthday::balloon::cake::tada:

Where would you go today if you could?

Probably a little tape deck and a Jive Bunny tape back in '89.

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Can’t remember off the top of my head, is that Chaddlewood?

(50 here)

The Gorge (unsure if it’s still open :disappointed_relieved:), Veggie Perrins, Hub Box, Nawroz, Nowhere, Dolphin, Bread and Roses, Lord High…

Oh wait, that’s all food and booze places.

The Hoe and Devonport Park are really lovely places to stroll about at.

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it’s the city centre to Mount Gould route :slight_smile:

Really Good Records and Knead Pizza, probably, then a pub.


Same day as :biking_man: :1st_place_medal: Sir Bradley Wiggins. What’s the best thing you’ve ever won?

I won a couple of competitions on the John Peel show.

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happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:

What route is 50?

Town to Derriford, through Leigham, Estover + the big Asda and Thornbury.

(love it when the Plymouth crew assembles)


Happy birthday!!

Did you know that the day you were born Hello by Lionel Richie was number one in the singles chart and Now That’s What I Call Music! 2 was number one in the album chart.

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are we gonna party like its yo birfday?

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Yeah! I love Lionel! I’ve got one of the 80s Now records. The one with the pig on it!