It’s nearly 8pm guys. Evening.

Hi everyone. Saag paneer for tea tonight. Seems to be A Thing for me now.


Absolutely no idea why every photo I upload here now is rotated.

Did you move to Australia?


Hello. Already lost one game of electric wizards. Looking forward to losing the next three too.

That’ll be it.


it looks like the camera is going to zoom in and there’ll be little space men walking around on your tea

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For half a second there I thought it was Friday, and now I’m sad

Been doing a crossword, love crosswords. Thought of buying a crossword book but also just love getting a crossword delivered every week in my magazine, something to look forward to isn’t it


Alright? Had jacket potatoes with tuna mayo for tea. Might drink a single beer later. Got to get an early night cause I have an early start tomorrow to spend the day working at the bottling plant.

It’s quite nice being reminded that it’s possible to enjoy things like this that don’t rely on the internet or technology generally, isn’t it?

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So nice, feels wholesome and warming

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Dreadful day compounded by realising at about 4 that I’d made a monumental fuck up at work. Don’t think it’s quite as bad as it looked at one point, still far from ideal though.

Breaking the no booze Monday rule and having a beer with some Pavement/Silver Jews. Decent recovery technique tbh.

It’s still raining and I need bread for my tea :frowning:

Sorry I’m not northern so I should call it dinner

What are you going to use the bread for?

Make a sandwich

Nightmare day today at work , should keep working tonight to prepare for a nightmare day tomorrow but just hoping M gets a negative result as soon as we wake up and can go to summer club rather than being at home again. Foolish of me to pin everything on this happening and yet…I’m going to.

I have really sore lips.


Just had salt beef baps for tea. Enjoyable.

Feeling a bit low mood this evening though tbh, came over me this afternoon.

Going to watch some nice TV and (try to) get an early night. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheese and pickle?

You know in your heart of hearts that I’m not a pickle person