iT’s NiGhTtImE!!11!

Where’s the thread?

I’m cold so went and got a jumper from my wardrobe and that’s cold too.

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Got soaked on walk home. Just had some seitan and tattie scone rolls,was good.

Watching bake off. Might have a drinkypoo.

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Just sitting down with dinner and the final few episodes of Los Espookys (very silly nerdy show, somehow produced by Lorne Michaels and Fred Armisen :sweat_smile:). Got a fire going, very windy outside so I have not left the house. Suited me fine today tbh.

What’s everyone else watching this eve?

I’m going to watch the football then Question Time.

I’m in a packed tiny bar where Dungen are about to play a little set to launch their new album which is out tomorrow

It’s too hot and there are too many people


I forgot to say at the time, so I’ll say it now. We went to a library the other day, so that @Gnometorious could get some reading material for the two weeks we’re here. She took out eight books. Eight books, eight whole full sized books to read in two weeks. She was “very reserved”, she told us, she “put one, no, two books back”. Anyway, we almost didn’t actually make it into the library, after she suffered a near fatal episode of embarrassment. Before heading to the library, we got the cold brew and donuts I mentioned in my post on Tuesday evening (BST). All the tables in the park next to the library were taken up by individuals enjoying the tree speckled sunshine of the late morning. On the side of the library though, there was a small fenced off garden yard with a few pot plants and a couple more tables. There was an open gateway to this garden yard, right next to a large window full of people sat inside the library. It was unclear whether the garden yard was for public use, so out of nowhere, our young gnome started gesturing wildly to the library patrons alternating thumbs up and thumbs down with both hands, in an attempt to get them to confirm whether or not we could sit in the garden yard with our food and drink. There was no response from the patrons, though they seemed to notice the peculiar distraction, as no longer able to focus on their books they stared back with communal confusion. Instead of thinking, hmmm, why would any of this wild gesturing make any sense to those people sat there trying to quietly read, she continued alternating those thumbs up and thumbs down for, no exaggeration; quite a while. Eventually, the realisation of the situation suddenly hit home, and how! Next thing I know, I’m following a frantic beetroot to the end of the garden yard, with her panting, “oh my god, I can NEVER step foot in that library. We have to eat these and get out of here”.


Got a Sonos Sub Mini and I think I need to get someone with an iPhone round to calibrate it because there’s a couple of spots in the room where Run The Jewels is making my skull vibrate

Decided i needed a choker for my outfit for this weekend. So now I’m going to be wearing the removable strap from a bikini around my neck. Genius move imo. Get me on drag race (yes you can see the strap adjuster :sweat_smile:)

Had some m&s black daal and omg it tastes exactly like tinned heinz spaghetti bolognese with a hint of melted cheese.

Going to go to bed early i think :relieved:


Having a mezcal and citrus fizzy pop, as its mexican week

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Murder in Successville. Not liked any of the guests though and finding it hard to like anywhere near as much as Murderville

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Think this would be the strangest thing to ever happen

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Absolutely love that suspicious tinned stuff and if i have a vegeterian wobble its usually for that calibre of meat. Pleased to have found an actual veggie version but at a mere 5 times the cost

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Made burgers for tea, they were very nice. Literally all I’ve got I’m afraid.



Know what I miss that I don’t think you get anymore? Remember in the chilled sections of supermarkets you used to get 2x burger buns, 2x burgers, 2x cheese slices and 2x ketchup sachets? Great.


Finished work. Was driving the van round to the warehouse along the one way system. Saw a customer I recognised take a tumble on the pavement. Stopped and made sure they were ok. Ended up giving them a lift home. Smashed phone and sore chest, but nothing more I hope. Having halloumi, roasted veg , cous cous and dip with flatbreads for tea. Boring.


Love how you’re going fully gothic Havisham with a black evening meal.

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You know what people have been lying to you about all your life? Loading dishwashers, that’s what. Turns out that (within reason) you can bundle that shit into the dishwasher in, stick a dishwasher tablet in, and it comes out clean at the end of the cycle. So long as you don’t put the bowls face up or anything.

…what had you been doing differently previous to this revelation ccb?

Flatmate is finally watching Seinfeld, so happy to have this as new background watching

Had great fun web slinging around as Spidey earlier, best superhero 4evs

Freezer brown for dinner, think I’ll crack a beer and line up another horror