It’s only bloody friday


what’s occurring, dis?

hope you’re all doing ok!




hey witches! how are you?

i’ve just put the kettle on, what you having?


Morning. Just remembered I’ve got the day off. Gonna go back to sleep now. I’m a bastard.


Last day in work before a week off! :grin::+1:
Managed to get my colleague who’s covering me to look at my handover uesterday and he basically said he isn’t going to do any of it :woman_shrugging:




Okay thanks :slight_smile: how’s you?

English breakfast tea please!!


Morning, it’s my last day in Switzerland and I’m flying home tonight, cannot fucking wait. Done two 12-hour days this week to make sure all my work’s done and my eyelid has been twitching from exhaustion and caffeine for two weeks. Think I’m gonna take most of next week off.


Woke myself up coughing and spluttering :sneezing_face: another day on the sofa playing vidya i guess.


Wife was due on Monday, still waiting. Feel like my life is on hold.

In other news because the dug is now scared of our back garden, don’t ask, I had to walk her at 4am. She’s an idiot dickhead.


i’m ok thanks.

medium dread about work because i’ve spent most of this week compiling/sorting through a load of data for my boss, which i’m now told might all have been wrong to begin with. siiiigh.

just had brioche for breakfast because i’m continental as fuck.

mainly just want to get through work so i can ride my bike :biking_man:


Morning all.

Crappy team meeting day. And probably need to own up to a minor cock up.

Playing football against the Edinburgh office in Falkirk (neutral venue) tomorrow, so taking it easy tonight.

After football will take it the opposite of easy…hard? Sounds wrong.

@Ruffers you ever go to Borth animalerium? Found an old pic of me at Borth station and been thinking about it a lot.


Get well soon you nice man


Ugh. Had a nightmare about my ex (?!?) which woke me up and then got woken up by some ornament falling off the shelf (ghosts?!?!)



Morning DiS

Just on the train to work. Was freezing last night as I had to sleep with the windows slightly open: I painted the sash window in our bedroom yesterday evening but the condensation was keeping the paint from drying.

Yes, it’s going to be another epic CCB decorating weekend! :paintbrush:


We’ve got the TV’s friend, her husband and 5 and 3 year old kids staying with us this weekend. Think it’s going to be fun but tiring.


Had four fairly low strength beers last night, was in bed by 11:30 and somehow still woke up feeling like this.





:sneezing_face: - me


Ah, hope you aren’t waiting too long. Longest 16 days of my life was waiting for our son to arrive after he was due. Good luck with it all in due course.