It’s Saturday Time

Last full day of vacation with some friends. Ready to head home now tbh though it’s been nice. It’s due to rain all day today.

Tomorrow we go home, gonna hug the cat hard and watch movies all evening.

hbu pals? Any plans for the weekend?


Morning ssf. I’m at work from 10am until 10am, but before that I’m changing the bed, doing a workout and grabbing breakfast. I’ve also got a free BT Sport pass to watch the football this afternoon so I will be watching that as and when there’s nothing to do at work.


Went round my colleague’s house for civilized drinks. Woke up in his living room. Feel like crying. Fucking humiliated myself again.

At work all weekend. That’s about all I have to say

I did a sudoku at 5am when I couldn’t sleep. Now I’m going to get ready and have a walk in Derbyshire


Just in bed. Gonna get up have some breakfast then head out on a bike ride

I’ve got (almost) a week off work and I’m completely ready to decompress… I think with living and working at home I’d completely forgotten the idea of taking some time off but definitely noticed over the last few week particularly, what a repetitive slog life had become. Hoping to push the reset button with some long walks and sunshine :+1:

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Nearly finished my 8pm to 8am shift…then I’m back in again today for another 8pm to 8am shift. :frowning_face:

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It’s a coffee in the garden morning

Only reasonably solid plan is to do a bike. Both daughters are working today, my son will probably disappear off with his mates at some point

We had top tier pizza delivered last night ( fato a Mano) plus ice cream and watched anchorman and married at first sight Australia. Quality evening

Driving down to Fingringhoe isn’t it

Quick poll. You have one slice of (whole earth crunchy) peany b toast, one of (seeded raspberry Tiptree) jam.

  • Jam then peany b
  • Peany b then jam
  • Alternate bites of each
  • Sandwich
  • Don’t like/can’t eat one of these options but like voting anyway

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Morning all :wave:

I found a version of Impossible Soul on YouTube so I’ve been showing that to the girls this morning. They were quite impressed with Sufjan’s costume changes

(Approx 52 minutes in, if my attempt to get it to start at the right point doesn’t work)

Plans: nice walk along a river, potter around this afternoon, SSPP and a film later.


Someone from freecycle was meant to come and collect something at 8am, it’s 8:30 now and no sign of them and I need a poop quite badly. As soon as I do though they’re gonna turn up aren’t they


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning. Bit under the weather but now have coffee and a magazine about people riding their bikes so could be worse.

Just heard on the radio that Jeff Bezos has his own coat of arms. What a world

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Sandwich but spend forever lining it up Walter White style

Was up until 3 drinking but my stupid brain has woken me up early boo. Helping an ATD look at houses in town today that’ll be fun(?)

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shop just refused to sell me a can of lager because it was “only half past nine”

well lah de dah


Morning all.

Can’t seem to get a handle on my moods atm. I’m used to being on sorry of a slow sine wave but I seem to have switched to a fast square wave, dropping suddenly with no warning signs. Felt good yesterday afternoon, felt miserable last night. No rhyme or reason I can identify. Not a fan.

Got a day of playing video games with some all time dogs ahead of me, the first since lockdown started, so hopefully that’ll cheer me up.

Hope you’re all well you lovely lot.


Staying home.

Already accomplished so much

  • Made omlette
  • Made coffee
  • Finished an episode of kitchen nightmares
  • Completed two levels of Lego star wars

Can the day end now?

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