It’s Saturday Time

Morning. Me and @anon67149139 are going to get greasy on video chat in a bit.


Aw ye it’s lubin’ time


Good morning. It’s dry outside so I’m going to go for a walk then go to the bakery and buy a gigantic scone.

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Watching Hot Fuzz, haven’t seen it in a decade
Haircut in 2 hours
Socialising after that

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Bit early, isn’t it?



Who is the bigger dickhead?

  • The person who does not look at the person pointing, keeps their back to them and just looks where they assume the thing to be
  • The person who points with a slight curve of the arm

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Help us settle this please

I’m reliably informed that tk maxx has reopened up here so I can go and restock some hair products I’ve run out of and pick up plant pots and a table that I need as my new plants have arrived from the nursery and I need to find homes for them.

I have to clear out the little one’s playroom at some point to make way for some furniture that’s arriving on Monday morning- not a task I’m relishing Since it’s like somebody has burgled a Hamleys in there right now.

Rugby club drinks later in their big beer tent and then for friends and kids coming round tomorrow afternoon for garden fun (or indoors if weather turns grotty, hurrah!)

First- going to have a coffee and do an hour of body pump. :weight_lifting_man:t2:

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A slight curve of the arm?! You extended your arm towards the window, saying, ‘it’s over there’ before flicking your thumb out in an act more bamboozling in its trickery than even Muttiah Muralitharan could manage, to point just behind you, a location that is in no way, ‘over there’

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How would you know?!
You weren’t looking at me until my third “look where I am pointing!”

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Morning all!

Been for a ‘run’. I still hate running and am counting down the days until I can play non-professional football again. The Child’s exchanged football shirt arrived and she won’t take it off.

We’re making this (inauthentic @profk?) tonight:

Doing some practice questions for an exam I’m gonna take.



You gonna come to the park today?

Crossed the border for the weekend?


^and this

(as documented elsewhere, there are strong rumours this may happen on Wednesday)


I watched your arm extend, towards the window, which was relative to you, over there and you know, put two and two together.

I didn’t realise directions involved a 3 hour theatrical build up.

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I went round to my colleague’s house, featuring other colleagues and boss. Got so pissed that I don’t remember what happened, woke up on his settee in the living room. Saw colleague in morning who said he brought me inside because I was “a bit merry”. Boss messaged me this morning asking how I am, I responded and he said “oh good I was worried”. No idea what I’ve said but from messages I gather I was banging on about work things, possibly including the occasional ineptitude of our backend developer in the Philippines. Haha wanna die :slight_smile:

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it’s another ATDs 40th, so going to see him for a few beers etc etc. damn hungry, need something to eat :thinking: