It’s Saturday

I’m lying in bed with the cat. TV is still asleep, and the cat is annoyed because it’s cold and I haven’t got out of bed to feed her yet.

Today we’re going miles away so the TV can buy a watch strap that she wants, and then seeing a friend who is losing her mind because she hasn’t slept properly for months. I’d also quite like go have a walk too, but I getting dark at crazy times now so we’ll see.


morning ssf

just found out i have a new niece :slightly_smiling_face:

want to go and meet her, but i also want to let mum and dad have some space. not sure how soon i can head over. imagine the rest of the family want to do the same and i don’t want to overwhelm them.


Alright Flanders. Was graced with a slight lay in. Gonna do Breakfast (thinking pancakes), and then off to work until 8.30. really cba with that tbh


Congrats uncle japes


Personally I preferred the big all in one show off the baby to the dribs and drabs of family, get it out of the way quicker. Obvs you know the parents better though so it might not be their style.



Got a busy wee day. A Christmas fayre thing for a couple of hours (I’m helping with the raffle), then a tenth birthday party and then twilight sad in Edinburgh later; I am concerned about the ball ache of getting home. Saturday night and the trains stop too bloody early.

Splendid news, congratulations!

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Going for rhubarb porridge, then to see the new Frozen, then dropping M off at her dads for a few hours in which I’m going to finish my book and start another in the hope I’ll finish my reading challenge on goodreads.

Should probbaly get up in a minute but…wait for it…I’ve still got a headache. Probably been like 3 months now.

It’s that hot here that even the cows are renting parasols


There are still men yelling down my street. It is icy out and they are showing off how MANLY they are by wearing t-shirt and shorts.

Gotta go to work.

Foggy as fuck in SE London.

Got a to do list to get rolling with. Fairly dull shit.

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Morning all. Cat has got me up early.

Was gonna go for a pre-fenino bike ride but it looks cold and foggy as fuck out there.

Le foggy as fuck tounai

Morning all. It’s frosty here but not foggy as fuck at all. Might go for a walk this morning and go for a Sainsbury’s café lunch. Then a hell bus to Ely, train to Cambridge, and FENINO with the bog people

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Still kind of ill and I am a bit fed up of it.

Last night I had a dream I was stopped at a police stop and search because a dog smelled weed on me or something and then they were searching my bag and found all this weed paraphernalia and then I woke up and immediately looked at my phone and the time was exactly 4:20 :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Haha
  • Oh great a dream
  • Grow up mate

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That’s a sister japes, not a niece.


Chronic headache solidarity :fist:, I hope yours is something that shifts soon (unlike mime, coming up to a decade of it now…)

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It is cold. Proper frost out this morning.

Quick bath, then out to meet the coach for football away day to Blackfield & Langley in the New Forest. Few beers and watch the game.

Depressing levels of right-wing shit about yesterday’s London attack on the football club Twitter feed, mostly coming from players (not ours so far).

I know 8ts that time of year but… Is it in the south of the city in a small village? I’ve got my daughters school fayre this morning and plan to RINSE the fayre’s raffle so this would be a huge help