It’s Saturday!

Going to the pub?

Hi good morning how are you? 2 weeks of vacation starts today! I’m not going to to do a lot. Need to tidy the house and gonna eat some nice Indonesian food later. hbu pals?

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I’m already at the pub!

Not really, of course


Anyway. Really not sure what to do with today that’s not an identical version of previous Saturdays. I’m going to cook that nice Dishoom lamb curry later, that’s one certainty. Should really do the hedge, but cba.

Definitely need some fresh air or something.

Morning. Went to bed at 10 last night, Fridays ain’t what they used to be.

New flatmate moving his stuff in today, wanted to get out of his way but it’s looking a bit bleak outside.

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Bit eraly

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Weekend off. Going to the coast for a walk with some friends. Might make a curry. C’est bon


Knobbed, mate. Knobbed


Nothing of note is happening today.

Meeting my pal in an hour for a day of shopping and eating. Then roast dinner at my neighbour’s.

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Mate is coming round to watch the footy later :partying_face:

Will be weird having someone round :slight_smile:

Off to see the parents


Everyone ignore any posts I made last night.

#allcountriesmatter on twitter right now saying happy 4th of july to every country :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


went for a bike, a bit windy so came home early. thought ooooh I’ll go via a coffee shop for coffee and pastries but I was so early nowhere was fucking open.

no plans. finish my book?

Morning. Got a mate coming over for afternoon / dinner. Only our second socially distanced guest since March. Looking forward to breaking my diet and getting wrecked tbh.

Imagine being this guy

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


:house: :beers: :clap:t2: :house: :beers::clap:t2::house::beers::clap:t2::house::beers::clap:t2:



Went past six pubs on my morning run earlier today. Several had staff inside doing a clean up in preparation for the onslaught, but none were serving yet.

Queue for the hairdressers though.

The MEN have been doing a liveblog:

1st pint poured in 3 and bit months, Stella. Sounds about right.