It’s Sunday oh no

And it’s 6.20am and I’m in Mayfair.

Worked 12 hours yday
Working 12 hours today

Then have a full working week coming up. Brain no work.

Gotta let in a film crew any second now to do an advert for the bookshops. I just want a coffee :’(


Was up from 10-midnight with an initially inconsolable toddler. And again from 530, again inconsolable at first. Exhausted.


Yeah I made this thread because I figured at least a few of you would have had been roused by your own self inflicted tiny alarm clocks :smiley:


“I want milk. No milk. Go downstairs. Want bed. No bed! See mum. No mum!”

What’s the thrust of your bookshop advert?


Basically the exact same except with Shakespeare actors

it’s basically a little narrative of a book being sold to us, collated, catalogued, photographed then sold to a happy customer. Pure M+S bullshit but it’ll work


I haven’t slept. Going for a shower. Hopefully that does the job.

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film crews fascinate me a bit. they’re currently setting up quite a complex rig to fake additional daylight and it’s proper sorcery. wish i knew more about this stuff

Went to bed at 12.56 and was asleep at 12.57 or something

Just woke. Up with the kids so kow going down to give the dog a cuddle and make a coffee. Then going to make some LEGO




It’s too early to be awake given when I went to bed

Making the cat take bad selfies instead


Off to work. Have tomorrow and Tuesday off. That’s about it.


that’s kind of where i’m at with ‘all the news that’s fit to print’. like my brain has bare minimum of… anything to offer

Yep, sounds really familiar. “Oh, I just have work and that’s it to occupy my time”

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Got some good socks on though


have really, really dropped down the rabbit hole on pedalboards

I’m mulling finally taking the dive on some Chase Bliss nonsense but it seems like overkill

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so far i’m going

red witch lily (boost) > DOD carcossa (fuzz) > T.C. Electronic Eyemaster (horrible swedish metal distortion) > boss tera echo (weird delayverb)

so i have quite a lot to left to cover. thinking of breaking the bank and getting a strymon mobius to cover swell, delay, trem sounds, which leaves phase, wah, pitchbend

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Pitchbend like Whammy/going up octaves, or like vibrato? For the latter the Walrus Audio Julia is good shit

That DOD looked like such a steal, did you get it on one of the clearance sales they had? Same with the Rubberneck for delay tbh, I’m happy with my straightforward DM-2W but I keep getting tempted by delays with 1000s of cool options …

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Up to go steward at church
Load of work to do
Drag kids out for a walk if I have the energy


not on sale but even then for the price it’s the best fuzz going. i play a tele for the most part so you lose something from the single coils but that’s what the red witch is for - just give it that clear ramp to hit the fuzz running

and YES rubberneck sounds so good on demos!