It’s the evening now and that’s final


It is definitely evening for me now as it’s nearly 7pm and I’ve succesfully checked into my hotel room here in Stockholm. Which wasn’t all easy, let me tell you. (They want you to pay in advance rather than when checking out and I am waiting to get paid…)

Also missed the opening film for the festival I’m here for. My flight was 30min late and then it turns out the opening ceremony was not in the same cinema as almost everything else in the festival. OH WELL.

There’s a burger joint across the street and the internet tells me they do both Beyond Meat and halloumi!!! Spoilt for choice mates.

Tl;dr I’m in Sweden and might have a burger.



angrily threw vinegar all over the place outside.

Just been sitting on one hand and now there’s a mad pattern pressed into it

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Can you tell us more about what happened to make you throw a lot of vinegar around?

next door’s dog has been pissing on the corner of our house.

Apparently vinegar deters dogs as they don’t like the smell


…and here’s my hand!

think that about covers it :slight_smile:


I would very much like to be in Stockholm, eating halloumi.

Instead I’m at home, about to make veggie Singapore fried rice, and watch The Crow: Salvation and/or Masterchef.


Made the kiddo scrambled eggs, chips and beans. She didn’t enjoy the egg and only ate half the chips, so I got a bonus snackette.

Um doing bath and bedtime then cooking leek and mushroom risotto for our tea. Couple of viewings here tomorrow so will do some tidying up and potentially some packing. Really cba though

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Why would you watch that film? :scream::scream::scream:


Iceland continues to be breath taking. Tonight we hunt the sky goddess, Aurora.
It’s -8 so we better stop drinking and wrap up.


How dows it feel being the northernmost diser for a short while?


I’ve never seen it. Given your reaction I might continue to not watch it.

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Evening all.

Spent most of my day off making a hole in a wall. The hole is now finished. I did have other plans for the day but really it’s been all about the hole. Quite tired now.

Hope you’re all well.

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Still ill, and now Mrs F is too. Not really done much today apart from be very silly on the internet and watch Murder She Wrote. Gonna make some restorative steaks for tea.

Cold :cold_face::cold_face::scream::joy:

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Watch it but drink beer.

hello whiterussian et al

I am making some beans, going to have it with some leftover chili

then might watch a film or start the tv show ‘tokyo gore hotel’, I’m hopeful

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Evening DiS, WR’s opening post has made me want a burger. It’ll be stir fry though.

Not sure what my plan is after that though. The other half is out tonight so I’m solo parenting.

It’s gonna snow in Wales tonight :snowflake: Feels like the temperature hasn’t broken 10 degrees for about six months, getting properly narked with it.

I went to go see Parasite today. It was good! Had some useful things to say about class, some good darkly comic moments and some properly bonkers set pieces. I did, however, not think it was as good as other people said it was. 3.5/5 for me Clive.


Swear the Funkhouse Jook Thread Industrial Complex is warping my mind, giving everything arbitrary scores out of 5 now.