It’s the evening now and that’s final

That thread is still the funniest thing that’s happened here.

Which one is that?

Speaking of Alaska, probably last time I teared up was watching this.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just dumb but never really understood that thread.

The lead singer of the strokes isn’t called Justin Casablancas but sadpunk thought he was. That’s it really.

Have a welsh lullaby, always great, always work

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except when there’s some bozo with a cello on the recording maybe

Oh i got that. 127 likes pretty remarkable.

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this is nice.

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Quite sad and fragile for a lullaby, maybe people were just used to sadder stuff back in the day

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Always nice to hear some Welsh though, do you speak it often @Ruffers ?




I don’t know many Welsh people besides Tom Jones.

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Found a great welsh video of Euros Childs playing a keyboard on a random street for some real low budget Welsh tv show, like a window into another world