It’s the evening thread and it’s early

But it’s so dark I don’t care

What wild schemes is everyone brewing?

Ze baby has been despatched for his second set of jabs so I guess my wild scheme will be tending to the poor little guy.

Maybe a beer, or two if I’m particularly daring


Going to put clean sheets on, order a chinese and go to bed at 9 :innocent:

What can i watch?


On my way to pick up Chinese for tea. Gonna watch more Hells Kitchen I reckon. Not really done much all day, it’s been lovely.

Am I Being Unreasonable


Seen it pal


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I can recommend going through all the seasons of Hell’s Kitchen from the start.

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The bastard son and the devil himself

Love is blind

Pretty bored after work today. I was meant to go for a run but I really do not feel up to going in the dark :frowning:

Might walk to big lidl. Get some beers in.

Reckon when Lennon wrote Yellow Submarine McCartney was like “shit, he’s written a McCartney song, wtf”

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I’ve been watching old Grand Designs episodes on 4oD. That or Love Is Blind.


Realistically I’m just going to watch more Cracker.

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They did that a lot - “why don’t we do it in the road” is mccartney’s attempt at writing a Lennon song

Anyway, Jimbo’s off at a school disco at the moment, and my other half is running the tuck shop. There might be fish and chips brought home, or there might not, in which case I’ll be despatched to get some kind of other takeaway later

And that’s fine! Where can you stream it?

Itv so only with annoying ads

Never mind all that. I want to know how the dehumidifier crew are enjoying their new devices.

Mine is supposed to come tomorrow but I’m barely gonna be in the house so dunno if I’ll even be in to accept the delivery.


Sat at my desk for about an hour today listening to Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar on repeat and for some reason reimagining the Sopranos finale with myself in the role of Meadow Soprano.