it’s the monday thread

Last week of my thirties and last week in work for a year.
Slept awfully


Too ill to go into the office. Not so ill that I can’t go to Co-op for therapeutic breakfast pastries.


Morning @safebruv, @Epimer

I’m awake a bit earlier than I normally would be as there’s a lot of stuff I want/need to do today. Currently drinking coffee in bed.

Hope everyone’s Mindays are tolerable xoxoxoxo

Morning team. V v vv v. V v. V tired.

Doing anything spesh for big four oh @safebruv?

had three cases of the epimers since 3am but too late to ring in sick now so good luck to me.

at least if i shit myself i can blame the smell on a child.


Today is my first day back at work after two weeks off. My dread level is at an all time high.

Also slept terribly.

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Cba getting up. Work doesn’t start till 10 but have been awake since 6. Trying to build up the enthusiasm for a shower.



Working from home and cramming in a tour too. What I really want to do is paint the kitchen.

Nothing in for breakfast; four more days until payday.

Nah. Fly out a few days after so got too much to sort out. Gonna just go get drunk with the missus on the actual day


Fuck this :pensive:

Massively cost-benefit analysis this morning.

However, I’m working from home so that’s taken the edge off it.

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Singing this to the tune of Beer For Breakfast by The Replacements. Doesn’t quite scan. That’s not stopping me.

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Cba. The highlight of my morning will be listening to Thom Yorke’s desert island discs on the way in to work. Looking forward to Marika Hackman this evening though :+1:

Morning, our house smells like vinegar since the TV decided to descale the kettle. Cba

we used a wilko own brand descaler and it worked wonders

I’m tired. Was lying in bed with the cat asleep on my chest and nearly sacked off coming into work. But here I am.

Morning campers,

I’m surprisingly chipper this morning. I got a decent night’s sleep and I’m WFH which cuts down the dread. There’s blue skies out there, but I thought the forecast for this week was rubbish. Maybe it was all lies.

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Looks like more expensive citric acid to me.

I’m a citric acid stan now.