It’s the Sunday thread

Why am I up at 7am?!

Whatchu doing today m9s? I have nothing planned except eating a nice roast dinner (for more info please see the @Gnometorious Sunday Dinner thread later)

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Morning dingers. I’m really struggling to keep my eyes open but I have to get up for work in 45 minutes so pointless going back to sleep. The cat will be up soon too I imagine. Work til 4.30 then not much tonight, today is my hump day and I’m grumptastic.

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Up past my bedtime!


happy RVV day


Would’ve quite happily broken my no cycling rule for today. As it is in at work from 7.30-6.

Where’s @laelfy at?


Kids miraculously didn’t wake up until 10 minutes ago. I’m pretending to still be asleep. :sleeping:


And here was me thinking you’d enthusiastically woken them up at 6 on the dot to play games and run about and that.

I’m now being hit by cuddly toys.


Lucky you

Shame you’re not in the Snapchat group, the thought of that has cheered me up ngl.

Still horrifically hungover from friday and I have to go to ikea today.


Quite envious of my partner. She’s taking O to a farm today and I’m stuck at work.

aw i want to go to that

So do I Japes, so do i

Happy boat race day everyone.

Back at work tomorrow after a week off. The dread is already weapons grade. Gonna spend the day eating bread and drinking tea, I think.

Oh, sorry to hear that definitely go back some other time. It’s s lovely place.

I’ve been there a few times over the years when my sister has come to visit with the kids.

To make up for it, were going here on Friday

And it’s about 5 miles from Arundel Brewery so…


Any reason for coming up to Godstone? Seems quite far from yours?

She’s meeting a mate who lives in Eltham, and it’s about halfway for them both (apparently, it’s not really, but it’s a good kid friendly thing to do for a 2½yo and a 10mth old)

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On the train down to Wemberlee. Gonna have a few beers in that London before the match, starting to think we should’ve brought a bag of cans for the train ride though…

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