It’s the Weddo threado

Holla at my morning peeps, what’s cooking? (Nothing, having cereal)

Just hit three weeks of being sick, not having loads of fun with that so might have to go off to an optometrist about my eye soon. Otherwise work dread for stuff I’ve been putting off for ages and ages, entirely self created problems are the best right?

Might try to see Jojo Rabbit tonight or meet up with a friend that’s been AWOL for a while, though skipping the beers part as that seems unwise currently.

Please regale me with positive Wednesday morning tales (seems unlikely)


Last day in Nepal fly to Bangkok tomorrow.

Currently watching the office in bed on star world

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What’s been your fav part of the trip so far/most anticipated part coming up?

Have a couple friends that have just finished the Asian leg of their travels and they’re heading back to Europe this week, hoped to meet them out there but never got my act together fast enough


Seeing a rhino and the mountains in Nepal
Chilling on the beach in goa
The history of Hampi and Taj Mahal
Realising we could actually do it after a few weeks in Sri Lanka
Cooking course in Sri Lanka

Looking forward to

Street food Thailand
Bagan in Myanmar
River trip in Laos
History in cambodia and Vietnam


Need to get out of bed

Dont want to tho

Hoping the rest of the work week goes by sans hassle


Thought today was Thursday. Not impressed.

This week is going so slow


WFH but going to have to go to the shops cause we got no food, which means getting dressed, which sucks


Lucky you


Um yeah, slept like turd. Got maybe 90mins. Silly head. Today will be interesting. Sounds like a lot of shit happened yesterday whilst I was off. Could be some fallout.

My sleeping is fucked. Falling asleep between ~7pm til 9ish every night then not getting a proper sleep at night. Makes getting up and the duration of the next day unbearable.

  • Feels like Thursday
  • Feels like Wednesday
  • I hate schoolkids with long hair that look like James May or some little Alex James future tory cheesemaker

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Feet were squelching about 30 seconds after leaving the flat. One of those days where I feel like screaming into a void until my soul exits my body.

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Going to get a wet right foot whatever I do going out today. Either I wear the support boot and my toes are exposed (and it is not at all waterproof), or I wear my ankle ankle boots but there is still too much swelling for the right one to be zipped up, or I wear an old pair of trainers which will mean both my feet get wet but probably slower. I suppose I could go with wellies but I think the weight would be too much for my bad ankle.


Off to some training in Portsmouth

Old school plastic bag on bad foot situation


Good idea! That didn’t occur to me :upside_down_face:

Got a load of work to do before my meeting at 9am but forgot to bring what the work is with me so can’t do it on the way in. Gah! Panicking.

Half day as first day at uni this afternoon.

got up sharp and went to the gym, a pure struggle again but at least i made it along and broke a sweat.
day full of meetings ahead.

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Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be grand