It’s the Wednesday thread!


Or is it? It is. I’ve never started a daily thread before. How’s everyone doing this morning? It was dark when I left the house and it’s dark on this train platform. Hopefully handing in my notice today. Got a runny nose.


Morning 8!

Got a gas engineer coming between 9 and 1 at our new place where we don’t have internet yet. Please send positive vibes that said engineer turns up at the earlier end of that time window.



Making some porridge.


Got what feels like my 3rd or 4th cold since September. Basically just permanantly run down despite inhaling oranges and vitamins, quite annoying really!


morning all

think I might get a bacon roll on the way to work. not feeling great and I firmly believe that might solve the issue.


I had that feeling up until maybe a month ago, got to be really annoying. think being in a smallish room where at least one person was always ill didn’t help.


Morning all :wave:

WFHing today. Got my daughter’s school play this afternoon so that should be nice. Not much else to report other than it’s really dark outside.


Morning all. I’m at work listening to the Mark Lanegan Christmas album.



Actually, let’s go with


Morning all.

It rained last night and melted all the snow, the cloud cover has meant it’s slightly warmer too so the car wasn’t even frozen over this morning. Good start to the day tbh.

Was in an all day training thing yesterday so I think today might be a bit of a manic catch up.

Well jel of your porridge @plasticniki I didn’t make any breakfast thins morning, am starving


I went to a Sankta Lucia celebration this morning, which was really nice.

I am getting increasingly intolerant of everyone’s complete inability to enjoy nice things without getting their phones out and taking loads of photos of everything. It’s grim.


We’ve got our office christmas lunch + secret santa + christmas jumper day today. Can’t wait


Hi there.

Watched a penalty shoot-out last night and had 5 x Guinness.

Feel alright this morn.

Nothing on at work. Literally nothing. I’ll have to find something to do.

This evening the ex and I are taking the kids to see the stage production of Nativity! in Hammersmith this eventide. They LOVE the film. I quite enjoy it too. I like kids’ movies that make me smile wryly.


Morning all. Planning on doing the absolute bare minimum today.


One of those days where the second I get up there’ll be too much to do so I’m hiding in bed


Late to work, knee still hurts and I really didn’t want to leave my bed. Should have taken a second sick day :sob: scared to Google in case I get a spoiler but did the apprentice final happen on Sunday or is it today? Thanks!


Think tonight is interviews and the final is next week maybe?


@jazzballet The final is December 17.


Went on a last minute 2nd date last night and we drank waaaaay to much (like 6 pints)
Slept on the floor to stop the room spinning - I’ve not done that for years
.feeling like death now and wishing I’d trained the cats how to make tea