It’s Thursday evening and all’s well

Had oven food for tea, now watching the Zac Efron Ted Bundy film. Been feeling a bit off all day and not really sure why.

probably a smarter country


Fuck me, tin tin has aged badly :grimacing:

Was reading with a student together earlier and

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Yikes. Kind of reckon it wouldn’t be too hard to reletter some of these bubbles for the new generation

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Going to drink coffee and play some Steamworld Dig whilst listening to a really boring podcast

Buggered me back. Don’t think I’ll be able to go into work tomorrow

I’ve made way too much pasta

Might put a tinder bio as “If you are reading this, I’ve probably made too much pasta. Help me eat the pasta.”

Homemade Beef udon soup.


I am among my people in penoid central, Birmingham.



Probably cheesy beans on toast and a bit of salad for dinner.

Diddled a bit of writing that I must revisit to see if it stands up after a day or two.

Bath, bed, maybe finish watching Le Trou or just reading.

I’ve given up on knives completely. I break my vegetables open with my hands. This could be the next big thing in food.

I am in Cumbria and it’s a sweltering 14C. I have lit the fire.

Just got an email about a free central heating scheme I had a survey for a year ago and then heard nothing from saying do I want to go ahead :thinking:

Would be nice not to freeze to death next winter, I guess.

Hiii, waiting to go to a gig. Just ate a tattie dog. I want xylos battered sausage.

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Had a bright blue Martini cocktail served to me by an incompetent robot and I’m wired

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On the 176 slightly out my nut

So she’s started her post-Prime Minister career early?


Soup, in a plate? For fucks sake mate.

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