It’s Thursday January 2nd

Morning! Back to work today. I’m working from home today and tomorrow then having a long weekend.

Today I read and enjoyed this: Ask Polly: ‘I’ve Lost My Joy and I Want It Back!’

How are you? How’s the rest of your week looking?

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That’s a brilliant piece.

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Isn’t it? I think it’s got some pretty good 2020 energy.

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Morning ssf, HBT and everyone who follows. First day back at work today and I’m back in the office. On the upside, it’s a short week; on the downside, I’m in until midnight on Saturday. Hoping for a quieter journey in but that may be asking too much. Also have a date to arrange - hopefully for next week, although I’ll draw a veil over Sunday’s unavailability being down to the FA Cup (and seeing my friends with their six-month-old boy after the match, but the football was the first reason).


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On the way to work but at least that hangover is gone. I thought I was going to die yesterday.

Forgotten what ‘responsibility’ feels like.


Morning! Spent yesterday in bed watching Rick and Morty & the Simpsons which was pretty great. When L got back from work we watched the Chris Sievey film which was vv good!

Have to do a load of admin type stuff today which usually does my nut in. Will probably just drink coffee and read until lunch though.

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Pretty sleepy today. Suppose that’s what happens when you get 3hrs sleep the night before. Will probably go for a big walk today and a trip to Aldi

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Morning all. Just gotta make a start on the dosa batter then back to work! Working from wfh home though

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I guessed what time I was in work but I was an hour early. I think I’m sitting in a room by myself all day though

first day back. Was clinging on to the fact I had booked this Monday off, but I hadn’t, no record of it and must have forgotten to put the request through!#killmenow

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Alright DiS. Need to finish this job that was due at the end of the year but is taking ages. Hoping I can get it done by the end of the day otherwise I’ll need to pull an all-nighter on it :grimacing:

On a related note if anyone here’s an ophthalmologist hit me up, there’s a load of abbreviations I can’t decipher and I don’t know if they’re in French or English and aaaaaggghhhhhhh

Shall I go look at a castle?
I do like castles but…

  • Don’t go, you’ll need to get up ten minutes ago, it’s cold and raining lots, no idea if it’s actually open and you saw it from the road the other day anyway, stay in and have some lovely quiet reading time
  • Go, you might regret it if you don’t

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Back at ‘work’, in so far as I have turned on the computer (whilst remaining in my dressing gown).

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My friend just brought me a coffee in bed :blush:
She’s also making crumpets :blush::blush:
Going to the local pub for dinner tonight.

This afternoon @avery and I are going to prep a veggie lasagne for everyone’s dinner tomorrow (as we’re off on another day trip tomo) and a key lime pie.
I would like to spend a big chunk of today reading.

Hope everyone has a good 2020 - Day 2.


Didn’t realise they’ve stopped doing a particular train which means I’m now about 15 minutes late, really don’t need this

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All day virtual training course. See bee eh

Morning! Not really completely ready for back to work, but here we are. Its my grandma’s funeral today but I can’t go due to cost and work, which makes me feel really really guilty and horrible

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