It’s Thursday November 1st!

Good gravy that’s come around fast.

2 good/2 bad:
:white_check_mark: moved out of my old apartment yesterday, handed over the keys, all done
:white_check_mark: I’m off to Spain in 3 weeks
:no_entry: Spain trip is for work
:no_entry: I’m tired as all hell.

How are you all? What does November hold for you?

Is @wyclef back yet?


:white_check_mark: WFH today
:white_check_mark: I’m off to Vietnam in 23 days
:no_entry: Old CD player tray is only coming out half way… the motor may be going
:no_entry: :man_shrugging:

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Hi ssf

:white_check_mark: I’m at the airport on my way to Bangkok
:x: I’m here 7 hours before my flight
:white_check_mark: Got some cheap siu mai on the go
:x: my spicy pork and mushrooms was a bit too spicy for my liking
:white_check_mark: I’m also off to Vietnam
:x: But missing @Matt_was_taken by a few days

Pretty ready to move on from China/HK, but I will miss this country’s crazy signs


Anyway, customary November joke out the way, I had a haircut today and took my daughter to the opticians.

She has an astigmatism which can be corrected by glasses but I was very sad because it turns out it’s making it hard for her to concentrate and affecting her reading, which I hadn’t expected.

Also the optician had some crazy electric handheld gizmo that took about two seconds to tell her I have been getting more headaches because my prescription is TOO STRONG and when I said Specsavers said it was fine two months back I got a ‘harrumph’.

Needless to say this place was NOT specsavers and that was $500 AUD of glasses I just bought for my girl. But now I am going to have to go there. :grimacing:

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:white_check_mark: got my notice of marriage yesterday
:white_check_mark: handed in the notice on my house
:no_entry: Works insane and i have been to London or Ipswich 4 times in the last week
:no_entry: Lots of friends struggling with their mental health.


Congrats on the good bits dude


:white_check_mark: got the flat to myself tonight, might pizza
:white_check_mark: also might go the the Barb library at lunch

:no_entry: it’s raining I’m gonna get wet
:no_entry: back spasms ffs

:sunglasses: Today is my Friday
:unamused: Work is going to be awful today
:upside_down_face: Men are coming to the house today, which always really upsets the dog.

:green_heart: today starts 21 days of happy!

:green_heart: WFH cause I don’t feel 100% but looking for the pos rather than then neg


:white_check_mark: R woke me up early so we haven’t had to rush around getting ready for preschool.
:white_check_mark: Lidl toy day.
:x: Raining really heavily :umbrella:
:x: R woke me up really early :sleeping:

Well that’s a fucking relief! :grinning::+1:
I read recently that dr oetker is an £11billion pound a year company, that’s a fuck tonne of pizzas.


:no_entry: My head’s spinning
:no_entry: Boy, I’m in a daze
:no_entry: I feel isolated
:no_entry: Don’t wanna communicate
:white_check_mark: I’ll take a shower, I will scour
:white_check_mark: I will rub
:white_check_mark: To find peace of mind
:white_check_mark: The happy mind I once owned, yeah

Happy All Saints Day! :dancer:


That’s incredible, I mean their pizza is soooo shit!


I don’t wanna fall out with you laelfy but I have :fu:


no u


Too late, you liked my post, that means you agree with me


+ Proper excited about the Dis State label night
+ Got my first call with someone tomorrow about a potential job (and they got in touch with me first)
- Can’t fine the receipts for the £700 of hotels I need to expense today
- TV is away until Saturday evening

If you give the hotels a call they’ll normally email you a copy of the receipt - I’ve had to do this a lot


:white_check_mark: It’s my day off!
:no_entry: I’m going into work anyway
:white_check_mark: Cos it’s free parking in town
:no_entry: And I need to go to Ikea
:no_entry: But the MD is visiting
:white_check_mark: We have a new product launch on Monday
:white_check_mark: I really want to get some tidying done back of house
:white_check_mark: Brownie points
:no_entry: I’m fucking insane aren’t I?